Donnie Darko: 15 Best Estimates Donnie Darko is an essential darling and one of the a lot of memorable coming-of-age stories from the 2000s. Here are 15 of the finest quotes from the movie.

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Some movies aren"t prompt classics, yet over time they gain newuncovered appreciation and cult followings that make them forever iconic. This is absolutely the instance via Donnie Darko, a film that ended up being much even more renowned and beloved in the years adhering to its lackluster release. Althe majority of 2 years after its release, fans proceed to obsess over and also dispute the smallest details and deeper meaning of the film.

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The film attributes moments that deserve to be, effective, thought-provoking, unsettling, or also hilarious. The many type of memorable quotes from the film serve as the ideal method to immortalize its ideal moments.

Updated on June 29th, 2021 by Matthew Rudoy: In the year that the movie transforms 20, Donnie Darko proceeds to be commemorated and also analyzed by brand-new and old fans achoose. The movie has no shortage of compelling quotes, from seemingly straightforward lines that take on higher meaning than the audience first realized, to lines that are intriguing also past the context of the film.

Several of these quotes are in both the theatrical version and director"s reduced while some are only said in one variation of the film. Regardless, each quote offers distinctive insight right into what provides Donnie Darko a beloved cult timeless and also why the film continues to resonate with audiences. 


Donnie Darko is not like a traditional superhero movie, yet it does contain specific aspects of a superhero story. Tright here is the surconfront level similarity of the protagonist"s name having alliteration choose Peter Parker or Bruce Banner.

More considerably, Donnie Darko becomes the story of a teenager who conserves his universe and also the people he loves. Most of the characters think Donnie is weird at finest and highly disturbed at worst, but none understand Donnie"s better function, and also also he does not understand it until the finish of the movie. Director Richard Kelly has actually even shared in an intersee through Fandom how the movie spoke to the wish-fulfillment of superhero stories.

14 "You can"t lump things right into 2 categories. Things aren"t that easy."

Ashley Tisdale as Kim, in college unicreate, standing on a phase at school in Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko is a movie that celebrates the complete spectrum of human eactivity in all its beauty and pain. The movie tackles this head-on with Donnie ending up being frustrated as soon as his gym teacher forces him and his peers to communicate in an exercise wright here they describe whether a scenario they are offered is the product of fear or love.

Donnie is best to scoff at this idea as life cannot be boiled dvery own to every little thing being rooted in are afraid or love. There is always more eactivity in play and always more to the story. This is true of Patrick Swayze"s character Jim Cunningham that is harboring a dark and also disturbing trick around himself, despite being a seemingly charming and also virtuous motivational speaker that touts the principle of overcoming are afraid via love.

After reading Watership Down and watching an animated film adaptation of it in his English course, Donnie scoffs at the idea that he must treatment around the rabbits in the story.

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Drew Barrymore"s English teacher character, Karen Pomeroy, reminds Donnie of the miracle of storytelling. Her line is a crucial reminder about the power of storyinforming and how the finest fictional stories are supposed to relate to and also teach their audience, regardmuch less of how the story can initially show up. Her line around deus ex machina also foreshadows the importance of a deus ex machina later in Donnie"s journey.

12 "I promise that someday everything is going to be much better for you."

Before being famous for her performance in Oselection Is The New Black or playing a Westwatch resident in WandaVision, Jolene Purdy played Cherita Chen in Donnie Darko. Cherita is bullied throughout the film and despite having actually limited display screen time, Purdy helps the audience sympathize deeply via her character.

At one point in the movie, Donnie promises that everything will certainly be better for her someday. This type of line would certainly feel hollow in a lot of movies yet it actually ends up being rather substantial. Not only does the line show Donnie being even more compassionate and also sensitive than his peers, yet he lives approximately his promise as he ultimately saves Cherita and everyone else.

Many type of of the adults in Donnie Darko struggle to attach with the youngsters and young adults in the story. This is true of the hypocritical Jim Cunningham, the gym teacher Kitty Farmer, and Principal Cole, yet additionally of characters favor Donnie"s well-definition parents who want to aid yet just do not recognize exactly how to reach him.

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Karen Pomeroy is one of the only adults that are able to efficiently interact and also connect through Donnie or any of the other young adults in the story. In spite of the gift that she has actually, Karen is fired from her task for political factors, which is a commentary on the absurdity of administration and just how the people of education and learning regularly does a discompany to the kids they are intended to be serving.

10 "28 Days, 6 Hours, 42 Minutes, 12 Seconds. That Is When The World Will End."