I was wondering how mass and also weight are various so I Googled it. I uncovered that mass is consistent no issue where you are because it is the amount of issue in an object and weight transforms because it"s the pull of gravity on an item.

This lead me to another question. If you are on Planet are your mass and weight the same?

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From a unit analysis suggest of see mass and also weight are different kinds of things: mass is a amount of material substance and weight is a pressure. Things of a different kind deserve to never be the exact same.

That said, historically the distinction was not constantly recognized and also typical units of weight-and-meacertain (including the original metric system, but not SI) use the exact same unit for both.

In those systems of measurement, tbelow have the exact same numeric value on Earth by building.

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I believe weight is identified making use of the fundamental equation


wbelow $m$ is mass and also $a$ is acceleration. When you weigh yourself on a scale, you aren"t measuring mass however force. It"s just how difficult is the earth pulling you towards it. This isn"t the same point as mass. A easy means to think about it, anytime you desire to know your weight, you need two things: $m$ and $a$. You plug them into that equation over, and also boom out pops the weight.

Newton"s gravity and mass versus weight

Newtonian gravity is a model of gravity. It"s typically this one wbelow civilization initially learn the distinction in between weight and also mass. It"s a great design because it explains many gravitational sensations. But it isn"t the best. Einstein"s theory is much better, but for many type of human being that"s as well facility and also Newton"s principles are enough. Newton"s gravity follows the equation

eginequationF_g = fracGm_1 m_2r^2endequation wright here $F_g$ represents the amount of pressure, $G$ is a consistent, $m_1,m_2$ are masses, and also $r$ is the distance between them.

Now let"s mean among these masses is HUGE, like the earth. Let $m_1$ be this mass. Then for much smaller masses, it really will not make much distinction exactly how much they differ. So while a vehicle and a coffee mug seem extremely different in regards to just how a lot they weigh, they actually have the very same acceleration because the earth is SOO much bigger than either of them.

For many type of straightforward jiyuushikan.org examples, human being treat $fracGm_1r^2$ as a consistent called "little g", commonly provided a value about $g = 9.81$. People prefer this because it provides it straightforward to usage the first equation. $g$ is just the acceleration $a$. This is a really crude design yet returns surprisingly great outcomes for doing experiments like dropping a ball from a roof peak or stair means and also seeing exactly how difficult and fast it hits the ground.

So if you discover Newton"s equation confutilizing, simply use the following equation

eginequationF_g = mgendequation

Gravity isn"t a amount. It"s a thing

The phrase "your gravity" isn"t the right method to speak around gravity. Gravity isn"t a quantity or a measurement. It"s a standard pressure in nature, a method pposts, objects, and so on communicate through each various other. You can quantify just how solid the gravitational force is. But you do not say "just how a lot gravity". It simply isn"t the way the word is used, at leastern in my suffer.