Hi! My names"s Elicia and I"m 5 years old. My Mommy says my Daddy died being exceptionally brave, so currently I only live via Mommy. I miss out on Daddy.Independent RP blog for FMA:B


“Thank you incredibly a lot grey-face! They’re so cute!” The kid squealed, delight etched on her young features. She took the plashes in her arms, petting Hayate’s fur as if he were genuine and cuddling Al close to her chest. “They even made a plush of Big Brother!"

“I’m Elicia!” The son exdeclared. “I favor your hair, it’s super pretty.”



“Hello, bit one.” He smiled and knelt down to her level.

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“Hi! Your hair looks really cool!”


“Hi! Who are you?”



Instinctually, he enabled air to hiss from in between his lips to denote quiet, yet the tears now streaking his cheeks betrayed his authoritative action. The last thing they essential was Gracia to stumble in on them— she was currently wary about them being in the same room together as it was. However, witnessing the two tearing at each others throats would be in no wayrecompensefor intimate actions.

So— this is what it had actually been. This is why Grumguy came by and also observed him prefer a lab rat, why children at institution avoided him choose the afflict. All as a result of a previous in which he took no part, however just acted as the core to some diminimelted evil. Due to the fact that of the sin he was when formed, he would certainly be hated till the day his human body perished.

Was that justice?

“If I kbrand-new previously, don’t you think I would certainly have told you?” He barked in response, though each word wavered, breaking at the ends prefer frayed threview, “Mom told me this particular day, because Edward slipped up! What perform you desire me to say, Elicia? What do you desire me to do?”

Balling his fists tightly, and also gritting his teeth harder, he relocated forward in wishes of calming the girl who now organized his heart, “I can’t adjust it! You see— this?” He paoffered, allowing a solitary finger to make his undescribed birthnote centered on his forehead apparent, “Apparently that was— I don’t understand what it was! I don’t know anything about this, so don’t yell at me!”

Elicia rested her head on her hands and took a couple of deep breaths, attempting to calm her racing heart. The rational component of her brain admonimelted her for blaming Selim. It wasn"thisfault her father had actually been murdered. It wasn’t his fault he had been a homunculus.

But that wouldn’t sheight the blood roaring in her ears. She had actually to perform something. The girl, just bacount an adult, felt even more powerless than she had actually ever before felt in her life. Vengeance for her father’s death had been a secret she never stated, only hinted at in passing to Selim. Could she even discover his murderer? Elicia had actually been told that the army of homunculi had long considering that been annihilated. “My father’s murderer- He’s not…alive anymore, is he?” she asked in a hollow voice.

As Selim stepped forward, she witnessed him plainly for the first time that night, distraught attributes illuminated by the shaft of moonlight that crept through the window. He didn’t deserve such a violent response.He demands me, and also I simply lamelted out at him. I’m sorry Selim. I don’t deserve you. I never before have actually.

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Elicia reduced her eyes away, unable to look at the gentle confront of her lover. “Selim…I…” she choked, words unable to autumn from her lips.