Franklin Fire Department and Williamchild County Fire-Rescue engines line the overpass at Peytonsville Road Tuesday afternoon.

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A group of firefighters wait alengthy the Peytonsville overpass over Interstate 65 for the procession delivering the body of Jachild Dicvital, a Lawrenceburg firefighter who was eliminated while fighting a fire Monday.

Firefighters from across Williamboy County Tuesday lined the bridges in the county that cross Interstate 65 to present assistance for the procession transferring the body of a Lawrenceburg firefighter that shed his life battling a house fire Monday.

Jachild Dickey, an 11-year veteran of the Lawrenceburg Fire Department, was component of a team of responders fighting the fire when five were trapped inside the home, according to news reports. The other four firefighters were likewise injured.

An engine from the Nashville Fire Department was escorting Dickey"s body from the Medical Examiner"s Office in Nashville dvery own I-65 South to Lawrence County Tuesday afternoon, and also a number of fire engines and firefighters from the Franklin and Brentlumber fire departments and Williamson County Fire-Rescue were stationed alongside the overpasses.

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Dicessential, 38, leaves behind his wife, three youngsters and the couple’s unborn baby, who is due in just a couple of weeks.