OXNARD, Calif. — They gathered on a windy overpass, a handful of grateful neighborhood citizens and also numerous crews of firefighters, all to honor a hero Sunday on his last journey home.

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The scene was played out on many overpasses as a procession, led by a contigent of fire helicopters, wound through 5 counties to take the remains of Cal Fire Engineer Cory Iverkid residence to the San Diego area.

Iverchild, 32, married through a 2-year-old daughter and a baby on the means, died from burns and smoke inhalation while battling the Thomas fire close to Filleven more, Calif. The Thomas fire hasn"t let up, ruining even more than 1,000 houses and blackening 270,000 acres to become the third-largest in state background.

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The procession offered local occupants a possibility to revolve out to show their gratitude for the two-week effort to quell the Thomas fire, which ongoing to rage Sunday farther north in Santa Barbara. And it gave firefighters, many of whom had actually come numerous miles to battle the conflagration, a opportunity to gather together briefly to pay homage to one of their very own on a day as soon as winds had abated at the fire"s front, currently nearly 40 miles away.

At the Del Norte Boulevard crossing over UNITED STATE Route 101, not much from wbelow the procession began in Ventura, all stood quietly. Fire trucks from federal installations in Ventura County as well as northern The golden state were lined up across the bridge. Firefighters saluted as the procession passed.


The Ventura County residents sassist they not just wanted to pay tribute to Iverkid, but all the firefighters that sacrificed on their befifty percent in the time of the practically two-week ordeal.

"I simply felt it was crucial to show our respect," sassist Alana Wolters of Santa Paula, who brought daughter Logan, 4, and son Walker, 6, alengthy to the overpass.

With Logan bundled under a blanket, Wolters teared up as she talked about Iversen"s sacrifice and the fire they watched unfold out their windows. She sassist her youngsters are still handling the events, at one allude asking whether the fire would certainly come to their home.

"It"s simply been really emotional," she said. 

For Elaine Hughes Connelly of Oxnard, the fire was personal. 

Her child is a firefighter for Cal Fire, a nickname for California"s Department of Foremainder and Fire Protection, and he had actually friends that knew Iverboy. She shelp her kid wanted her tright here to recurrent his "fire family." Iverson"s fatality underscored the dangers of the fire profession.

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"He might have been any kind of of our sons, any kind of of our husbands," Connelly sassist. 

Some locals walked the line shaking firefighters hands and thanking them. Jerry Gulsvig of Oxnard, that came with wife Nancy, held a huge Amerihave the right to flag.

"We desire to present our respect for all the firemales have traveled long ranges and the sacrifices they have actually made," he sassist. He shelp he wanted to "assistance his family and also the brotherhood."

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