Why Star Wars Rebels' Lightsabers Look So Different The decision to make lightsabers in Star Wars Rebels appear noticeably thinner is rooted in the early on development of A New Hope.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars Rebels
Lightsabers have come to be one of the a lot of iconic fictional weapons in pop culture. From the Darksaber to Kylo Ren"s crossguard hilt, the "elegant weapon from a much more civilized age" has actually had a deep and also storied history both in and out of Star Wars canon. Despite being a weapon via many kind of architecture variations, the lightsaber"s blade has actually been sensibly unicreate across most Star Wars media. However, in the animated Star Wars Rebels, the lightsabers wielded by personalities prefer Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger are stylized in a different way, through their blades appearing much thinner than in previous live-action and animated works.

However, some fans might not realize the decision to depict the lightsabers in a much more distinct visual style had actually deep roots in Star Wars history, drawing catalyst from an artist that played an enormous role in developing the look of the Star Wars universe: Ralph McQuarrie.

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Ralph McQuarrie"s Initial Lightsaber Design for Star Wars

According to Star Wars Rebels: The Art of the Animated Series, "The lightsaber power blades in Rebels show up thinner and sharper than their movie counterparts, reflecting a concept from early in A New Hope breakthrough." This passage describes the job-related of concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, that was integral in shaping George Lucas" initial vision for Star Wars. In reality, many aesthetic and style choices made in Rebels were based on McQuarrie"s idea art. For example, Zeb was modeled on an early Chewbacca illustration, and various locations on the planet Lothal were taken straight from McQuarrie"s illustrations of cities and also landscapes.

Sure sufficient, once comparing the original artwork-related to the lightsabers in Rebels, the similarities become clear. In McQuarrie"s original interpretations of the lightsaber, the chisels were thinner, even slightly translucent, and also were thicker close to the base of the hilt. Although the lightsabers in Rebels aren"t specific replicas of those deindicators, they absolutely share the thin blade aspect.

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How Star Wars Rebels Got the Original Trilogy Look Right

The idiosyncratic look was also modeled on the distinct impacts that entered creating the exceptionally first lightsabers displayed in A New Hope in 1977. The behind-the-scenes featurette "Igniting a Legacy" common understanding right into just how the animators designed and also emerged lightsabers in Rebels. In the video, Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni describes, "There are certain details that you need to achieve in order to get look" of the Original Trilogy. Joel Aron, a CG supervisor who functioned on the show, likewise goes right into just how he based Rebels" lightsabers on the original "Scotchlite" technique that they supplied to create the glowing blades from A New Hope, recreating the impact in animated develop. He even brought in Roger Christian, the Oscar-winning set decorator and the creator of the lightsabers, to consult.

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Though the brand-new design of lightsabers verified controversial for Rebels fans, the adherence to McQuarrie"s designs definitely is a testament to the reverence that Filoni and his team had for the human being who initially lugged Star Wars to life.

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