A: Often low clouds, like stratus and also cumulus, appear to haveflat bases. These clouds create as air near the ground is rising. Asthe air rises it expands and cools. This cooling causes thefamily member humidity to rise as the rising air temperaturephilosophies the dew suggest temperature. When it reaches the heightwhere those 2 temperatures are equal, the family member humidity is100% and a cloud develops. Meteorologists contact this altitude thelifting condensation level (or LCL) because it is the height atwhich water vapor in climbing air starts condensing to create clouddrops.

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The temperature and dew point temperature close to the ground arerather uniform on the size scale of a cloud or a arsenal ofclouds. So, as a layer of air near the ground rises, the elevation atwhich condensation occurs does not differ a lot and the cloud baseelevation appears unidevelop. From the ground these bottoms show up verylevel, yet if you are in a plane and also fly with these bases duringtake-off or landing, you"ll be cshed sufficient to alert that thecloud bases are not a sharp boundary.

The closer the temperature and dew allude, the reduced the cloudbase. So, cumulus clouds in the dry southwestern United Statesgenerally have actually much better bases than those in the southeast.

- Stalso A. Ackerman and Jonathan Martin are professors in theDepartment of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UW-Madikid, areguests on the Larry Meiller"s WHA-AM radio display the last Monday ofeach month at 11:45 a.m.

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