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Petunias are famous for their significant colorful blossoms, virtually as a lot as they are famous for being a basic to flourish plant. But no plant is entirely impervious to difficulties and also you might find yourself through wilting petunias some day.

Knowing what the cause is and also just how to treat it have the right to aid you save your plants. It can not be fairly what you think.

What Does Wilting Really Mean?

We frequently use wilted leaves as a certain authorize of possibleproblems through your plants. Do you really know what it going on to make yourhouseplants droop?

Plants leaves and stems shed their firmness bereason the push inside their cells drops. The press that keeps a plant upbest is produced by the water in its tconcern. When the water drops, so does the push. This is why a wilting plant deserve to be a sign that you have to give it a drink.

The capture is that having too bit water within the plant isn’t necessarily the same point as having actually as well bit water in the soil. In various other words, tright here are some various other factors you may have actually wilting petunias.

Why Are My Petunias Wilting?

1 – Water and also Soil

Obviously, take a look at the water problems initially. As aforementioned, petunias will wilt when the soil is dry and also the plant is lacking water. It’s a simple principle and the first thing that involves a gardener’s mind.

Just remember that there are a number of other potential causes too.


Unfortunately, having actually water-logged soil deserve to also lead to wilting. Yes, it might seem a tiny ironic but it does make feeling as soon as you think about just how roots job-related. Heavy or poorly-draining soil will hold on to as well a lot water and actually start to drown your plant.

Without the included air roughly the roots that excellent soil allows, the plant has actually difficulty drawing in water correctly. The outcome is aget wilting petunias because tright here isn’t enough water in the plant tproblems.

Tbelow is an additional soil concern you have to inspect on for indoor petunias. When plants outgrow their pots, the roots are going to be extremely crowded under the surconfront.

At this allude, the pot isn’t large sufficient (or holding sufficient soil) to supply all the water your plant needs. Time to repot.

If you’re curious around why plants require water, take a look at my 7 Plant Watering FAQ’s.

2 – Insect Drain

Your petunias might likewise be wilting due to a problem via insects. In specific, the tiny bit sap-sucking ones choose aphids or range. They might look to be as well tiny to carry out much damage yet a severe infestation have the right to influence the fluid levels in your plants, aget resulting in noticeable wilting.

Take a close look to see if this is contributing to your petunias. Aphids are little, translucent pale-green insects via no visible wings. They are exceptionally easy to miss.

Scale deserve to be even tougher to alert because it looks like tough brown scales, and not even favor an insect at all.

Indoor gardeners most likely won’t check out as well a lot insect task on their plants though aphids can sometimes acquire a foothold indoors. The trick is to discover them early on and also proccasion the populace from exploding.

For outdoor flowers, you can assist carry down the numbers of aphids by introducing or encouraging a healthy ladybug population. Ladybugs feed on aphids and a wonderful way of making use of nature to defend your plants.

Hand also picking both scale and also aphids deserve to be incredibly quick and also reliable if there are only a few of them to get rid of. You deserve to likewise eliminate aphids with a traditional insecticidal soap spray, applies when or twice a day till you check out some results.

Scale insects are a tougher contact bereason their bit shell of armor provides many kind of conventional insecticide treatments useless. Swabbing some neem oil directly on them can be a far better method.

Incidentally, if your petunias are founding to wilt as a result of aphids, you deserve to run the danger of attracting ants also. Outside it can not be too a lot of a difficulty but bringing ants inside the home is not a smart concept.

Aphids exude a sweet liquid referred to as honeydew, and it will certainly absolutely attract sugar-loving ants.

3 – Sunlight

Sometimes your petunias can be lacking water as a result of excessive warm or sunlight, rather than an actual shortage of water. The hotter the temperature, the even more water a plant will should attract in order to compensate for the added evaporation through the leaves.

So, also if you are watering as frequently as you need to, it’s still not sufficient because your plants are struggling in the sun.


Yes, petunias execute thrive ideal in full sunlight so you don’t desire tobegin relocating your plants about. Just step up your usual watering schedule tosave up via your thirsty plants.

4 – Disease

Sometimes your wilting troubles have the right to be a authorize of disease. Once you have actually got rid of all of the difficulties currently discussed, this is most likely your next alternative.

Petunias are at risk to Fusarium, which is a fungus rather than a true condition. The fungus invades the roots, and takes in the water before the petunias deserve to. As with an under-watered plants, this leads to wilting. You may likewise see yellowing or browning of the leaves also.

This is usually an concern through outdoor plants, specifically ifyou are thriving crops like tomatoes or eggplant adjacent. Unmuch less you have actually pottedyour petunias through soil from exterior, it won’t likely finish up in houseplants.

Unfortunately, tbelow isn’t much you deserve to execute in terms of dealing with this. Pull up your petunias and dispose (don’t comarticle them, or you will certainly spread the spores). Cover the location with babsence plastic throughout the sunny days of summer and the warm will certainly kill off the fungus.

Meanwhile, plant new petunias in an additional part of the garden.

General Petunia Care

Now that we’ve spanned all the bases on why petunias wilt, we need to have a brief overcheck out on in its entirety petunia treatment. As we currently discussed, petunias will certainly bloom their best in sunny locations and also should be planted in well-draining soil.


Due to their vigorous blooming habits, they perform need the majority of nutrients. Add fertilizer to their soil frequently through the summer. Comshort article is wonderful for outdoor plants but you can use any typical indoor houseplant fertilizer if you prefer.

Depending on the range, you might want to deadhead any spent blossoms to clean up the plant and also to encourage even more blooms.

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Hopefully, next time you alert your lovely petunias are wilting, you’ll have actually a couple of tricks up your sleeve to diagnose and also fix the trouble.