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How to Connect an Older DVD Player to TV through HDMI

Updated 7.9.2021

Why is your DVD playing in black and white when it’s meant to be playing in color?

Here are the feasible reasons.

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If you have a TV that supports PAL only, then you can’t play earlier an NTSC disc on it. Your image will appear in black and also white.

These days a lot of TVs support NTSC and PAL as perform DVD players.

That’s not the instance with older TV models though.

So, make sure you’re playing back your DVD to the correct TV broadcast conventional.

If TV broadactors format is your worry, then you can usage an NTSC to PAL converter or PAL to NTSC converter.

Or much better still, usage an AV to HDMI converter if your TV supports HDMI. HDMI will settle the PAL -NTSC worry when and for all.

This video will describe the matter in information.

TV Color Setups

This is not commonly the concern if your TV plays in shade normally. But you might just desire to inspect just in situation your TV display screen mode is set to babsence and white.

Incorrect AV Connections

2) Make sure your AV cables are properly associated and also tightly plugged in.

3) Make certain the cables are linked to the exact same shade cables are connected on both sides. Yellow to yellow, red to red, and white to white in the situation of a composite or RCA cable.

If you’re utilizing a component video link make certain the red, green and also blue cables are paired with the DVD player and also TV set.

S-Video Issues

If you’re making use of an S-Video cable, make certain it’s secucount fitted at both ends.

Bent Pins

Pull out the cable at both ends – DVD player and also TV – and inspect the pins. Are tright here any kind of bent pins?

These bent pins might be the cause of your DVD playing in babsence and also white.

To make certain, usage a brand-new S-Video cable or attempt one more cable via the pins ‘intact’.

View the video listed below to learn exactly how to handle cable relations.

Switch to a Different TV AV Input

This uses to all connections – RCA, S-Video, and Component.

If your TV has more than among these input ports, try connecting to these unused ports. Just to make certain a faulty AV input isn’t the culprit bring about your DVD to play in babsence and also white.

If you’re connecting your DVD player to your TV with an AV receiver, make certain that the relationships are of the appropriate kind and also securely fitted.

Shared TV Input Problem

In some cases, your TV input may consist of 2 relations – perhaps component video and also RCA.

On your TV ondisplay screen menu try switching your DVD player input to AV for the port to which your DVD player is associated.

Cable Problem

Even if there isn’t any kind of visible damages to cables, attempt a various collection of cables. Tright here might be an interior cable defect not visible to the naked eye.

Try a Different Disc

Make sure there’s no trouble with the disc. Try a various disc and watch if it can play in color.

Try a TV Program

If your TV broadactors can get shade then the trouble could be via the DVD player.

You may want to affix it to another TV at a friend’s to check out if it’s indeed your DVD player that’s bring about the concern.

If the various other TV plays your DVD in black and white well, then your DVD player would certainly have to be inspected by a business facility.

If you discover that the expense of servicing the DVD player prohibitive, then you might desire to gain a brand-new DVD player through HDMI out.

Alteraboriginal Systems if All the Above Fixes Don’t Work

If after trying all the over fixes your DVD is still playing in black and also white and you don’t sophisticated sending your DVD player to a business facility, he’s a quick solve.

Rip your DVD to a digital format prefer MP4 or MKV and watch it over your HDTV, computer system, TV box, or mobile tools.

You’re advised to go the DVD ripping route just if the DVD has a video that you’ve swarm – family video/wedding video/holiday video. We don’t encourage you to do it via commercial DVDs.

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If you’ve decided to go the DVD ripping path, you have the right to gain the project done with a free DVD ripper software program.