Stone Chess Pieces and Sets, Options and Considerations

A lot of focus is put in to hardwood chess pieces bereason they are the the majority of typical. However before, tright here are many type of various other alternative forms of chessmales. In this blog short article i’ll be looking at rock chess pieces and also sets. While these sets can be breakable, they are likewise absolutely fantastic display screen pieces that can include a good little of character and also flair to any type of furniture display. Stone chess sets are a favorite of collectors and also layguys aprefer as a good choice for a nice, luxurious item that is a little different.

Marble Chess Sets


We have actually a vast selection of marble chess sets in a selection of styles and also colors. Click the photo to watch our whole selection.

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The a lot of well-known form of stone chess sets are made from marble or onyx. Marble chess sets have actually a large array of colors and textures, ranging from typical whites, blacks, and grays to distinct colors such as green, reddish oselection, or even cdental and fossil stone.

The wide variety of alternatives unified with the fairly affordable price renders marble a great choice. Not only do these chess sets come in many different shade combicountries, they additionally come in a few different formats, varying from rustic, hand also sculpted marble sets wright here each one will certainly be distinct to machine made, mass developed sets out of Asia wright here they will certainly be clean and modern. The various alternatives permit marble to be a good alternative for any type of house screen.

Other Stone Chess Sets

Of course, there are various other styles of stone sets past marble and also onyx that interemainder collectors. They array from incredibly expensive alabaster chess sets from Italy to really unusual design template rock pieces from Mexico made of Malachite. Tright here are also soaprock and also Jade template sets manufactured in eastern Asia.

While sets made from onyx, marble, and alabaster are primarily standard in style, these various other stones are generally sculpted in to more unique deindicators. Malachite, a really stormy green and blue stone from Mexico, is so unusual many kind of human being who have actually them perform not recognize what it is. (many of the time these are folding sets through a Conquistador and Aztec theme). Jade and soaprock sets are regularly Chinese themes, such as the ‘eight fairies’ fable.

Marble Chess Pieces


Marble Pieces come in a broad range of colors and also 2 style. Shown over are the comprehensive “European” style (left) and also the rustic style (right). Click the picture to go to our distinctive chess item category to view them all.

One popular question in regards to rock chessmales is whether or not you can purchase the pieces individually from the board. Many of the moment this is unfortunately not feasible. Sets such as Jade, Alabaster, and also Malachite are not usually uncovered in the US Market, and once they are, they are likely from personal collectors wbelow separating the board and also pieces or gaining a full collection of pieces as replacements ssuggest is not possible.

Marble chess sets, but, are a little of an exemption. While these are also made abroad (Most of the marble sets you’ll see for sale are from Pakistan), we work-related straight through the manufacturing facility and also actually have began imported the marble pieces on their own in both the rustic and European layouts. This indicates there is a solution for all of the folks who have marble boards without pieces or are just trying to find marble pieces to compliment the lumber, metal, glass, or various other chessboard they display in their house.

Tbelow are 2 deindications of marble chessmen – our rustic style and also our European style. The rustic style is fairly stormy. Each piece is different bereason they are all hand also carved. These pieces are still fairly obviously conventional, yet charming in their simplicity.

The European design is much even more comparable to a classical french chess set. These stone pieces are smooth, and also extremely closely done. You deserve to watch from the photos over they have actually a lot more information than the rustic style.

Tbelow is not a ideal or wrong through the chess item architecture – they are simply 2 various alternatives. Similar to the sets, they come in a large selection of shade combicountries. Each of the Marble chess pieces are 3 1/2″ tall. This size works well for 1 1/2″ – 1 3/4″ squares.

Downside to Marble and Stone Chess Sets

Of course, tbelow are some other considerations to save in mind as soon as purchasing stone chess sets. Unprefer hardwood sets, they are much, much more vulnerable. A marble or onyx chess item dropped from a few feet over a marble board could cause them to break. Obviously a drop to a tile or timber floor can carry out the very same.

The one saving grace is most of the moment these breaks are clean and also some superglue can repair the item – at least in marble chess sets. One of the a lot of widespread difficulties through the onyx sets from Mexico is that when you arrive home, some pieces have broken and they are not conveniently repaired or reput.

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Marble replacements, at least, are much simpler to come by – we import literally a number of hundred of these guys annually, so it’s easy to take a item from an additional set and also concern around acquiring our very own replacement later on. However before, as it is with any natural material that is hand also sculpted, periodically a replacement item is slightly different in color or carving. While this does not tfinish to be a large issue, it is something worth mentioning!

One final limitation on marble chess pieces are that they are nearly all in the very same dimension. The marble chess sets are commonly 16″ (although tright here are one or two 18″ as well). It’s not that bigger deindicators perform not exist – the trouble is they are vulnerable and also that at bigger sizes tbelow is an increased danger of damage during shipping so we were forced to soptimal moving them.

If you have actually any concerns around marble, onyx, or various other rock chess sets, please perform not hesitate to leave a comment or sfinish an email!

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