If you haven’t noticed, the price of blueberries has actually raised rather a little bit in the last few years.

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There are a couple of reasons behind the high pricing of blueberries, so let’s take a little bit of a deeper look.

Why Are Blueberries so Expensive?


1. Location


Blueberries are exceptionally picky when it concerns wbelow they have the right to grow.

Some climates which have the right to thrive blueberries in the summer can’t grow them in the winter and also vice versa.

Blueberry plants choose to be comfortable.

If the weather gets as well warm or also cold, they will not create.

This have the right to be challenging to keep up through and manage.

Many type of ranches will certainly choose a crop they have the right to produce all year because it is easier for them to manage, and it’s much easier to train employees as well.

Lots of fruits tend to enjoy prospering in warmer climates.

When it involves blueberries, they require some warmth, but once it gets really warm and humid, they can’t flourish.

A area prefer South Florida might be great for blueberries during part of the year, yet the plants won’t do well during the summer.

This renders things a little hard, and it definitely increases the price of the blueberries as well.

When the weather experiences change like more or much less rain in a season, you will certainly also notification that the price of blueberries will adjust.

A drought can cause a negative crop, and so can an excess of rain.

Sometimes blueberries need to be grvery own in a much more regulated environment, and also this increases the cost also.

Usually speaking, this is not the simplest plant to grow from a weather and also climate standsuggest.

2. Hand also Picking


Although tbelow are lots of fruits and vegetables which should be hand-picked, few are as tedious as the blueberry.

Blueberries are extremely tiny, and they need to be hand-picked.

When you pick a blueberry, you need to pick one at a time.

There is no method to shake the plant and have actually all of your blueberries finish up in a bucket.

This is tedious and time-consuming work-related, and also as of right now, it is job-related that needs to be done by people.

This hand also picking will certainly undoubtedly rise the price of the blueberries.

In order to pick all the blueberries off a single plant, it will certainly take a worker an excellent amount of time.

The blueberries should be checked for ripeness as well.

Blueberries will not continue to ripen as soon as they are picked, so it’s crucial to make certain they are picked at specifically the appropriate time.

Hand also picking also leads to various other enhanced costs prefer labor prices and also also transportation.

Out on the farm, the blueberries should be picked by hand, put into buckets or containers, and also then moved and also stored throughout the farm.

Once a blueberry is picked, it is rather vulnerable and also needs to be tackled via care.

3. Delicate Shipping and Handling


Blueberries are fragile when they are picked, and they need refrigeration too.

If blueberries are not maintained refrigerated, they will begin to go poor.

The difficulty through refrigeration and also shipping assets which need to be kept cool is that it is rather expensive.

You will finish up seeing this reflected in the price of your blueberries.

You most likely notice that, once blueberries are in the keep, they are not stored in the exact same area as the apples and also also not in the freezer or milk section.

Aget, they favor to be retained in a cool and comfortable environment simply choose people.

The longer the blueberries are retained in these temperatures, the better the chance they have actually of making it to the consumer while still in excellent form.

When you purchase blueberries, you will certainly understand that they probably just last a few days.

If a farmer were to pick them and also not put them right into refrigeration, they would certainly last for an also shorter period of time.

All of these individual factors are going to rise the price consumers will pay for blueberries.

4. Healthy


Blueberries are healthy and balanced food.

If you have actually not noticed, healthy and balanced foodstuffs generally price rather a little more money.

The much better a food is for you, the more nutritional benefit it packs, the even more money you will need to pay for it.

Fruits, in general, are not always that healthy.

Many human being assume that, bereason it is a fruit, it need to be good for you.

Fruits can be exceptionally high in sugar, and therefore, they are not always the best feasible food to eat.

Blueberries, however, are low in sugar, low in calories, and also are maybe among the best antioxidants on the earth.

An antioxidant can work to help save you healthy and balanced.

Blueberries are well-known to lower blood pressure and also perhaps blood sugar as well.

Of course, all foodstuffs must be consumed in moderation, however tright here are many points about blueberries which must encourage you to put them on your table.

If blueberries were less healthy, like celery or something similar, their prices would be lower.

This is not the just aspect which affects pricing, but if you look at the expense of a salad compared to fast food, you deserve to see this trfinish.

Healthy food comes at a hefty expense.

5. Labor Costs


We already debated that blueberries should be hand-picked, however tright here are many kind of various other parts to this labor procedure which should be thought about.

A single blueberry plant is going to offer you about four to five quarts of blueberries.

This is an excellent amount, yet when you talk around feeding the higher population, definitely, thousands of thousands of plants would certainly be required.

Each plant does not just have to be picked, yet it need to be cared for before harvest also.

Tright here is trimming, pruning, and weeding that occurs as soon as caring for blueberry plants.

Some workers are expert at picking, and also others recognize exactly how to prune.

Pruning plants takes some understanding and guidance, as you can’t simply start chopping a plant up.

Labor prices likewise need to encompass the employee’s insurance benefits and other employee costs as well.

Before you know it, each blueberry you eat is going to have actually quite a little bit of labor expenses wrapped up in it.

There is not a lot that deserve to be done once it pertains to labor prices and also blueberries.

The labor costs are high bereason of the amount that demands to be developed.

The human being that job-related on the blueberry ranches need to be able to feed their own households.

If you have ever owned a blueberry plant, you understand how a lot job-related is involved in the procedure and also deserve to probably easily relate to these high costs.

How Long Do Blueberries Last When Out of the Fridge?


As we discussed once we discussed why blueberries are so expensive, blueberries tend to go poor as soon as they are not retained in the cold.

When a blueberry is out of the fridge for about 2 days, you will certainly alert mold beginning to grow, and the blueberries will begin to lose their form.

When you leave the blueberries in the fridge, you need to acquire much much longer than 2 days out of them.

How to Make Blueberries Last Longer


If you purchase a huge batch of blueberries and also you want them to last for fairly some time, tbelow is a trick that will aid.

When you first acquire your blueberries, you deserve to wash them in a water and vinegar solution.

You will not require a lot of vinegar, just a tablespoon or so in a couple cups of water.

Rinse the blueberries in this water and vinegar solution, and also you will certainly kill all the mold that may be sitting on them.

The mold is what starts to prosper in the refrigerator and provides the blueberries taste negative.

If you overperform the vinegar, your blueberries may build a tart taste.

You really don’t want to put much on them, simply sufficient to kill the mold that may be on the surconfront of the blueberries.

Keep in mind that, as soon as you take the blueberries out again, you have the right to always wash them to make sure the remainder of the vinegar is removed.

Vinegar is an excellent tool to have in your kitchen.

Not only is it great for cleaning fruits and also vegetables, yet it works good for cleaning counters, sinks, and refrigerators too.

It is a natural cleaner that is also extremely efficient.

Why Are Organic Blueberries so Expensive?


Organic blueberries are those on which no harsh chemicals or pesticides are used once they are being grvery own.

This helps to make the fruit a lot healthier to eat.

If you compare the pricing of blueberries to organic blueberries, you will certainly see a big distinction.

Part of this originates from the truth that blueberries are currently quite challenging to prosper.

When you element in trying to prosper them without the help of fungicide or pesticides, it have the right to be very tough.

The added labor to thrive organic blueberries is going to boost the price that it expenses the customer as soon as the blueberries make it to the keep.

How to Save Money on Blueberries


If you are a big fan of blueberries, you are probably curious how you deserve to save some money on them.

Adding blueberries to your day-to-day diet is an excellent thing for your health and wellness, yet it deserve to add up pretty easily.

If you find you are consuming many blueberries, it might be time to look into purchasing a blueberry bush.

Cultivation these in your yard will certainly take a little of exercise and some security from the birds, but it is feasible.

Blueberries often flourish wild in nature, so you must have the ability to manage this task through a tiny research study and also time.

Another means to save money on blueberries is to purchase in mass.

Blueberries in big containers tfinish to be priced a little bit lower than those in the smaller sized batches.

If you follow some of the conservation methods, you can have blueberries which last you for many kind of days in your refrigerator.

This really helps to lower the cost you pay per blueberry.


As you deserve to watch, blueberries have a good reason for being so expensive.

They take some time to flourish, and they have to be grown in extremely specific conditions.

If you don’t have actually the moment to grow blueberries, make certain you buy them in bulk when you check out them on sale.

You can also freeze them if you should.

Blueberries are good for your wellness, so it is worth it to pay some added money to add them to your diet.

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Just be smart around exactly how and as soon as you buy them so you deserve to save buying them week after week.