If you"ve uncovered yourself wondering if you might be gay, lesbian, bisexual or even asex-related, you"re not alone. We ask 2 specialists to bust myths on sex-related orientation and also wbelow those questioning their sexuality can go for further support and advice.

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Not everyone is solely attracted to the opposite sex. And those that are (right people) could be on the decline. Across all eras, the ONS provided a "statistically substantial increase" in people identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual, with 2% of the population in 2016 defining themselves as such, compared via 1.7% the year before. And in a 2015 YouGov survey, just 46% of 16-25-year-olds defined themselves as totally directly.

If you"re presently questioning your sexual orientation, you"re in excellent company. But that does not necessarily make it less daunting.

Misconceptions about sexuality

There are lots of myths around sexuality, leaving many kind of of us puzzled. Sex educators Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock, that have a podcast about sex and relationships, explain that one of the biggest misconceptions around sexuality is that it"s just around which sex we"re attracted to. Anvarious other is that if you uncover yourself fancying someone of the very same sex, it means you"re definitely gay.

"Unfortunately medics, psychologists and therapists from the nineteenth century onwards gained hooked on the principle that the a lot of essential thing around our sexuality was whether we had actually sex with guys or woguys," expose the duo, whose book "Enjoy Sex" intends to be a helpful overview to the often confutilizing topics of sex and sexuality.

But actually, many kind of human being are attracted to even more than one sex (bisexuality), or find that sex isn"t that necessary to that they are attracted to (pansexuality).

"This thinking also leaves out many kind of various other essential dimensions of our sexuality, such as just how strongly we feel sexual attraction if at all, what duties we choose to take sexually, what kinds of sensations we choose, and also what kinds of fantasies we have," define Barker and also Hancock.

Anvarious other myth is that sexual orientation and sex identity are the exact same point. Gender identification is about a person"s innate feeling of their own sex, whether that"s male, female, or non-binary. This may correspond to the sex assigned at birth (cis) or it may not (trans - the "T" in LGBT). A trans person have the right to be right, gay, bisex-related or asexual.

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How widespread is it to wonder if you"re LGBT?

Some world realise they are gay, lesbian or bisex-related at a very early age, while others may not understand till later in life. Barker and Hancock say it"s incredibly prevalent to be perplexed around your sexuality, particularly offered the deeply confmaking use of cultural messperiods we obtain about sex.

"We"re taught in sex manuals that sex amounts to penis in vagina penetration, as soon as actually tright here are hundreds of methods of being sex-related (alone and also through others) which don"t involve this at all, and also which many kind of human being reap as much or more. Around half of world report that they have a sex-related problem on national surveys, as soon as perhaps it is the limited understanding of what counts as sex which is component of the problem."

Do I should pick a label?

"Pansexual", "sapiosexual", "demisexual". In recent years, there"s been a large proliferation of brand-new labels around sexuality - with terms to explain various kinds of bisexuality, asexuality and also the kinds of sex world favor. These names can be useful, say Barker and also Hancock, as they reinforce that sexuality has many kind of dimensions. Giving human being the language that helps them make feeling of their experiences is a great point. But tbelow are some downsides of labels too.

"The disadvantage of labels is once we cling to them also tightly and believe that we"re stuck in that place when we"ve labelled ourselves. But it"s fine to uncover a details label fits for a while and then uncover it does not fit so well over time, or that a different one fits much better. Also it"s crucial to remember that each label still includes many various ways of enduring and also embodying sexuality. There"s no "one true way" of being bisex-related, of expushing queerness, or of doing heterosex-related sex, for instance."

Do I need to "come out"?

"Coming out" implies sharing through others that you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.

LGBT charity Stonewall UK says: "The procedure of coming out can be incredibly different for everyone and it have the right to take some time to gain to a point wbelow you feel comfortable and also confident enough to have those conversations with world."

Barker and Hancock stress that nobody need to ever push you to come out.

"Coming out have the right to be a wonderful component of affirming your sexuality, however it"s vital to rememberthat it is a much safer and even more positive endure for some people than it is for others. So whether or not to come out - and also what to come out around - need to constantly be your decision."

If it feels risky for you to execute so, but you desire to execute it anymeans, they imply you look for support first. Luckily tright here are some good LGBT charities in the UK.

"Good starting points are Stonewall UK, Gendered Intelligence, the Bisex-related Index, the LGBT Foundation (in Manchester), and London Frifinish (in London), however tbelow are many kind of morewhich those organisations deserve to point you towards," say Barker and Hancock.

Remember, tright here is no "normal"

It"s easy to feel shame roughly sexual choices, however Barker and also Hancock emphasise that whatever before you find you"re right into sexually is completely fine so long as you always behave actually consensually with various other world. And perform remember, even if there"s no danger of pregnancy in the time of your sexual enrespond to, you"ll still have to consider security against STIs.

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"This is an exceptionally helpful and courageous journey to be embarking on and you can learn a vast amount around yourself and your relationships with other human being from it. The primary thing to remember on your journey is that tright here is no normal here, however diversity," they conclude.