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ABSTRACT The discussion over universal vs. social relative values hits the core of anthropological expertise. Although cultural relativism offered as an nearly irrefutable basis for anthropological practice of expertise the Other, numerous factors of a recent beginning have actually started to threaten the evident. The “Arab spring,” the “Occupy” activities, the conflict over female circumcision that attracts international attention, local supplies of the relativistic debates in political conmessages and also the arguments over universality of the Universal Declaration of Human being Rights, all of these create a brand-new discourse on the universality of humale worths. Universality turns our attention to the difficulty of translatcapacity of societies – without an assumption that tbelow is shared, intersocial area and also a certain level of commensurability between cultures, any kind of rapport would certainly be difficult. The translation problem directs us towards a discussion on cross-social interaction and the universality of values and their hierarchies. The discussion has actually confirmed that values are not consistent residua within intersocial room yet fairly they are part of an interpretive task of the participants of a cross-social interactivity.

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