If you thrived up in the 90s, you"ve watched Whose Line Is It Anyway?, at least once. It was one of the greatest reflects in the nation and was the arrival to improv comedy for each and eextremely among us.

Drew Carey was the organize of the show that made us all laugh hysterically for years. He was joined every episode by Colin Mochrie and also Ryan Stiles. Wayne Brady was virtually constantly there as well, so eventually he came to be one of the regulars also.

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They would certainly also have actually one more guest on eexceptionally episode to fill in the last empty spot, and also they would all compete for points - even though they didn"t issue.

It was all simply silly nonsense and also good times, that made us all laugh for a half hour. The display itself appeared favor such an easy premise, however there was actually a lot going on behind the scenes that you may not have actually noticed.

1. Someone actually totaled the points


You know those points that didn"t matter? Well, to someone, they mattered A LOT. Someone took the moment to total up all the cumulative points that the three primary stars of the show earned in their run.

Colin Mochrie earned 3,012,399,040.5 points

Ryan Stiles earned 11,113,372,791.5 points

But Wayne Brady earned the a lot of points of all time, obtaining 50,072,587,425

Interestingly sufficient, comedic genius Robin Williams only earned 1000 points in his episode.

2. Ryan hated the hoe-down


Even though the majority of us were constantly excited to hear the hoe-dvery own at the finish of the night, Ryan was never before that excited. It was his leastern favorite game and also hated doing it so that"s why he would constantly insult Drew in his lyrics.

3.Even though he hated the one game, he never before missed an episode


Ryan showed up in eincredibly single episode of the classic series, and also he wasn"t the only one. Colin also appeared on eincredibly episode and also we say thanks to God he did. These 2 were the the majority of perfect comedy duo of all time.


Even though the display was cancelled in 2003, they managed to stretch out the present for one more couple of years. In the summer of 2004, they aired all the episodes that had actually not gone out yet, but then for the following year they tried somepoint else.

Due to the fact that they had so many kind of skits that didn"t make the reduced for the original episodes, they actually had many great product that might be stitched together to make a complete episode.

5. They had to censor the display because of Colin

Colin did one game of Party Quirks wright here he played a character who had actually to touch civilization to find out the sex. Because he literally touched world in areas that weren"t exactly censor-apverified.

They however released the scene on the DVD copy of the present.

6. The hold was almost going to be someone else

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Drew Carey wasn"t the original choice. They had actually tried to obtain Clive Anderkid, organize of the British version of the display, however he supposedly didn"t want to drive in L.A. web traffic.

Kathy Greenhardwood (that controlled to earn 59,810 points in the run of the show) as soon as invested a whole episode silent.

She showed up in 33 episodes, but one in particular she assumed it would certainly be really funny to remain completely silent.

She just was in the games that didn"t involve talking, or in the ones she played that essential words she simply didn"t sheight.

Even though she shelp nothing, she actually was the winner of the episode! I understand, I understand, the points do not matter yet it"s a pretty interesting alternative right?

The show will certainly always hold a unique place in my heart. I understand it came ago, but it"s simply not the same as it offered to be.

I think one of the best moments on the show have to have been when Robin Williams was there. His chaotic power is absolute perfect for this kind of atmosphere and also I think his One Hour Photo bleach-blonde hair really takes his performance over the peak.

Seriously, some of these moments still make me laugh so tough that I cry. It"s simply too good!

Even the intros were good! Drew Carey was a natural hold, and also obviously it"s paid off for him currently.