No they are not- "This occupational was strictly voluntary, but any kind of animal who absented himself from it would have his rations lessened by fifty percent." It is not voluntary if you are puniburned for not doing it.

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"Nothing could have actually been completed without Boxer, whose toughness seemed equal to that of all the rest of the animals put together." / "He had made arrangements with the cockerel to contact him three quarters of an hour earlier in the mornings rather of half an hour. And in his spare moments, of which tright here were not many kind of nowadays, he would go alone to the quarry, collect a pack of damaged stone, and also drag it dvery own to the site of the windmill unassisted."
One if the original commandment was: "whatever before goes upon 2 legs is an enemy" and also they were to never before to connect in profession. So they feel favor Napoleon is going versus these commandments.
They still hate it, and also in reality they wish for its faiattract. However before, they execute have actually a particular respect for the animals and also even adapt to calling it "Animal Farm," which mirrors some level of acceptance.
Who perform the pets think is responsible for the windmill falling down? Do you agree with them? Why or why not?
They believe it was Snowsphere. At least, Napolean successfully convinces them of this truth. It is rather apparent that it wasn"t (for a begin, exactly how could he have actually physically knocked it down?), and also that Napoleon is using Snowround as a scapegoat for his own corruption.
It is clear that they were "brainwashed" or compelled by Napoleon, right into confessing. Either way, it is clear that it is dvery own to their absence of knowledge and inability to watch Napoleon for that he really is. Napoleon got them to "confess" because essential to make a public present of what happens to traitors, to frighten the animals right into submission and quell any type of chance of rebellion.
It is a revolutionary song and he does not wish to have actually the animals stirred up for revolt. Similarly it symbolically shows that a new order has come to pass.
They deal with humansThey moved right into the houseThey have eliminated various other animalsClearly they are no much longer equal
He does not mingle with them-no meetings. / He has a exclusive room in the house. / He has one-of-a-kind titles (Father of all Animals, Comrade Napoleon) / He has a guard to defend him/ He has a poem written in his honor/ He has actually a food-taster to prevent poisoning.

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Squealer reads numbers and statistics to them to prove tbelow really is even more food than ever before prior to. "All the exact same ...would sooner have had actually less figures and even more food."
Who has actually been recreating the commandments? Which is the just animal to make the connection between this character and also the commandments?
Benjamin is representative of those who privately criticize federal government, that are intelligent and also have the right to view what is happening, yet never bother to take action or execute anypoint about.