1 : any of plenty of limbmuch less scaled reptiles (suborder Serpentes synonym Ophidia) through a long tapering body and via salidiffer glands frequently modified to create venom which is injected via grooved or tubular fangs

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river 1038 miles (1670 kilometers) lengthy in the northwestern UNITED STATE flowing from northwestern Wyoming throughout southern Idaho and into the Columbia River in Washington
snakeprefer ˈsnāk-​ˌlīk adjective

Synonyms for snake

Synonyms: Noun

Synonyms: Verb

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Noun I believed she was my frifinish, yet she turned out to be a snake in the grass. snakes are cold-blooded, so they control their body temperature by alternately basking in sunlight and seeking shade Verb The road snakes via the hills. Cables snaked throughout the floor. Technicians snaked cables via the collection. He snaked his way via the crowd.
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Recent Instances on the Web: Noun That method, all the cables snake out over the edge of the table, hidden versus the wall. — Alexandra Samuel, WSJ, 19 Oct. 2021 The commercial was all around phoprejudice, and also the manufacturing firm wanted a snake, a tarantula and also some hissing cockroaches. — Bill Jones, chicagotribune.com, 11 Oct. 2021 Two pipelines snake through a dry-wash canyon delivering water to the town’s historic mineral plant, wright here it is supplied in the production of soda ash, boron and also salt. — Los Angeles Times, 23 Sep. 2021 In the self-portrait, Ms. López strides towards the viewer in running shoes through a snake in her hand also, a muscular leg seemingly protruding from the painting, the mantle waving behind her choose a cape. — Washington Post, 7 Sep. 2021 An actual physical classroom, located in the Carriage Housage at Belmont Manor, is bright and cheery with posters of neighborhood birds and also insects on the wall surfaces and two aquariums, one with a snake and the various other through a terrapin. — Katie V. Jones, baltimoresunlight.com, 22 Apr. 2021 Scientists at the Florida Museum of Natural History were sent a photograph of the 2-foot lengthy snake-choose creature after it was captured by FWC officers. — Chris Perkins, sun-sentinel.com, 30 July 2021 The film was, yet, snake-bitten by a spate of middling to negative reviews. — Chris Lee, Vulture, 26 July 2021 Taurasi, for circumstances, becomes White Mamba, a snake-prefer creature. — Bill Goodykoontz, Detroit Free Press, 16 July 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Two districts, designed to elect Democratic candidates, would certainly snake across hundreds of miles of rural locations to connect tiny Democratic-leaning areas. — New York Times, 15 Oct. 2021 The lines of ticketholders that snake roughly the block were M.I.A. — David Fear, Rolling Stone, 18 Sep. 2021 The photo is in equal parts ordered and also disordered: the fibers snake around one one more on the external of the beanprefer form and shoot out in close to parallel closer to its center. — Maddie Bender, Scientific American, 12 Aug. 2021 In western North America, the jet stream has managed to snake its method right into parts of main and northern Canada, enabling warm air to spcheck out over the Pacific Northwest before the jet dives southern over the U.S. Great Plains and also Ohio Valley. — Washington Post, 3 Aug. 2021 Hamilton was on the inside and drifted into Verstappen as both tried to snake with the course. — Chris Bumbaca, USA TODAY, 12 Sep. 2021 Even the sinewy white air ducts that snake their method through the studios look as if they’d been shaped by choreographers rather than designers. — David Lymale, The Enquirer, 9 Sep. 2021 But for the hawala mechanism to job-related, Afghanistan need to inevitably uncover sources of hard money to lubricate the lines of credit that would snake back right into the country. — New York Times, 2 Sep. 2021 The cruise sector was at the eye of the pandemic"s storm as the COVID-19 began to snake its method into areas throughout the world. — Terry Demio, The Enquirer, 11 Aug. 2021

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First Knvery own Use of snake


before the 12th century, in the meaning characterized at feeling 1


1653, in the definition characterized at transitive feeling 1

History and Etymology for snake


Middle English, from Old English snaca; akin to Old Norse snakr snake, Old High Germale snahhan to crawl