Cert Practice Exam ICND2 2016 Answer

What are two load-balancing approaches in the EtherChannel technology? (Choose two.)

combination of resource port and IP to destination port and also IPsource IP to destination IPresource port to destination portcombicountry of resource MAC and IP to location MAC and also IPsource MAC to destination MAC

Which is a characteristic of EtherChannel?

EtherChannel uses physical ports that have been upgraded to carry out a quicker connection.STP will certainly not block redundant EtherChannel bundles in between two switches.STP treats all interencounters in a bundle as a solitary logical attach.EtherChannel configuration is used to each physical port.

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Refer to the exhibit. A netoccupational administrator is reviewing the configuration of switch S1. Which protocol has actually been applied to team multiple physical ports into one logical link?


Cert Practice Exam ICND2 011

backbone routerinternal routerdesignated routerlocation border routerautonomous mechanism boundary router

What are the only 2 functions that permit an OSPF rexternal to be configured for summarization? (Choose two.)

backbone routerinner routerdesignated routerarea border routerautonomous device boundary router

Which two addresses recurrent valid destination addresses for an OSPFv3 message? (Choose two.)


An OSPFv3 rexternal has no IPv4 addresses configured and the router ID has actually not been manually set. What is the outcome of this configuration?

OSPFv3 will certainly not start.The highest possible IPv6 attend to of a loopearlier interchallenge will be supplied as the rexternal ID.The highest possible IPv6 resolve of a physical interconfront will be used as the router ID.The rexternal will instantly generate a router ID using the MAC address of one of the interdeals with.

Refer to the exhilittle. Which address will R1 usage as the resource address for all OSPFv3 messperiods that will certainly be sent out to neighbors?


When OSPFv2 neighbors are developing adjacencies, in which state execute they elect a DR and also BDR router?

Exadjust stateInit stateTwo-Way stateLoading state

A network administrator has just changed the router ID on a rexternal that is functioning in an OSPFv2 atmosphere. What need to the administrator carry out to reset the adjacencies and use the brand-new router ID?

Connumber the network-related statements.Change the interchallenge priority.Issue the clear ip ospf process privileged mode command also.Change the OSPFv2 process ID.Refer to the exhilittle bit. All the routers that are presented are part of the EIGRP domain. Assuming EIGRP metric weights are not changed in the configurations, which path will certainly a packet take that originates from a organize on the network-related and is going to a host on the network?
R1, R4, R3R1, R5, R3R1, R2, R3R1, R2, R5, R3

Refer to the exhibit. A netjob-related administrator is configuring EIGRP AS 20 on Router_2 and also has got the error that is shown. What is the reason of the error?

The autonomous device (AS) number is not the very same as the number on various other routers in this network.The IPv6 routing process cannot be enforced until IPv6 routing is allowed.The EIGRPv6 interface configuration is incomplete.The passive-interchallenge default command has been implemented for EIGRPv6.

When a link faitempt occurs on a netoccupational running EIGRP, just how does DUAL determine a replacement path to a location router?

DUAL examines the neighbor table to discover the closest adjacency.DUAL examines the routing table to discover a feasible follower path.DUAL examines the topology table to discover a feasible follower path.DUAL instantly sends out queries to surrounding routers to construct a brand-new routing table.

Refer to the exhibit. Router R2 has actually recently been configured and also connected through interface Gigalittle bit Ethernet 0/0 to router R1. R1 is configured properly, however stops working to develop a neighbor relationship via R2. What is the problem?

The command ipv6 unicast-routing must be applied in the router configuration mode.The command also ipv6 unicast-routing has not been imposed.The EIGRPv6 procedure has actually not been triggered on interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/0.The passive-interconfront command is preventing hello packets from being sent.

Which two facets of the configuration of EIGRP for IPv6 differ from its configuration for IPv4? (Choose 2.)

For IPv6 no router ID is required for the EIGRP routing process to start.No netoccupational command also is needed to permit EIGRP for IPv6.IPv6 calls for an international uniactors address on EIGRP interencounters.For IPv6, the autonomous system worths on routers in a domajor running EIGRP do not need to match.EIGRP on IPv6 is configured straight on router interencounters.

Which EIGRP path would have the wanted administrative distance?

an overview routean inner routean external route that is redispersed from RIPan external route that is respread from OSPF

Refer to the exhilittle bit. Which two networks contain feasible successors? (Choose 2.)

Which three metric weights are collection to zero by default as soon as prices in EIGRP are being calculated? (Choose 3.)


Refer to the exhilittle bit. A network-related engineer is troubleshooting organize connectivity on a LAN that uses a first hop redundancy protocol. Which IPv4 gateway attend to must be configured on the host?

Refer to the exhilittle. What protocol can be configured on gatemethod routers R1 and also R2 that will certainly permit web traffic from the interior LAN to be load balanced across the two gatemeans to the Internet?


Refer to the exhilittle bit. An administrator is studying the message in a syslog server. What have the right to be identified from the message?

This is an alert message for a normal but considerable problem.This is an alert message for which instant action is necessary.This is an error message for which warning problems exist.This is an error message indicating the device is unusable.

What are two characteristics of SNMP area strings? (Choose two.)

A vulnerability of SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3 is that they send the neighborhood strings in plaintext.Commonly well-known neighborhood strings must be supplied when configuring secure SNMP.If the manager sends out among the correct read-only area strings, it deserve to obtain information and collection information in an agent.SNMP read-just area strings have the right to be supplied to gain indevelopment from an SNMP-enabled tool.SNMP read-compose community strings can be used to set information on an SNMP-allowed gadget.

Which monitoring protocol deserve to be provided secucount through Cisco devices to retrieve or compose to variables in a MIB?

SNMP version 1SNMP variation 2SNMP version 2cSNMP variation 3

What is an SNMP administration agent?

a computer system loaded through management software program and also supplied by an administrator to monitor a networka database that an equipment keeps around netoccupational performancesoftware program that is mounted on gadgets controlled by SNMPa communication protocol that is supplied by SNMP

What are 3 parameters that are provided by NetFlow to classify traffic? (Choose 3.)

ingress interfaceTOS fieldegress interfacevariety of packetsnumber of bytesport number

Refer to the exhilittle. R1 and R2 are linked to the very same LAN segment and are configured to run OSPFv3. They are not forming a neighbor adjacency. What is the cause of the problem?

The IPv6 addresses of R1 and also R2 are not in the exact same subnet.The OSPFv3 process IDs of R1 and also R2 are different.The timer intervals of R1 and R2 perform not enhance.The priority worth of both R1 and also R2 is 1.

Refer to the exhilittle. A netoccupational technician has actually included router R0 to an existing network-related that has rexternal R1. R0 is configured through EIGRP and is linked to R1 through the Fa0/0 interconfront of each router. After completing an analysis of the network-related, the technician notices that the routes to the networks that are supported by routers R0 and also R1 are not being exchanged. What is a possible reason for this failure?

R0 was configured via the wrong autonomous mechanism number.FastEthernet interdeals with on R0 are in a shutdown state.Interconfront Fa0/0 on R0 is configured as a passive interconfront.Interconfront Fa0/0 on R1 is configured as a passive interchallenge.

Refer to the exhilittle bit. Rexternal R1 has recently been configured to operate in an IPv6 only netjob-related and is associated by means of interconfront Gigalittle Ethernet 0/0 to rexternal R2. R2 is configured effectively, however will not create a neighbor partnership with R1 What is the problem?

The IP attend to is absent on interchallenge Gigalittle Ethernet 0/0.The command also ipv6 unicast-routing has not been implemented.The rexternal ID has not been created on rexternal R1.The EIGRPv6 process has not been set off on interchallenge Gigabit Ethernet 0/0.

A netoccupational administrator is troubleshooting rexternal RA in an EIGRP autonomous system. The administrator needs to acquire the IP addresses of the various other routers with which rexternal RA has actually establimelted adjacencies. It is additionally essential to achieve indevelopment of the queue counts on the neighbor routers. What command also will certainly execute this?

present ip eigrp interfacesdisplay ip eigrp neighborsshow cdp neighbor detailsshow ip eigrp topology all-links

What is the a lot of most likely cause once the output of the display interface command reflects that a switch interconfront is up yet the line protocol is down?

A cable is not attached to the interface.An incorrect default gatemeans has actually been configured.An encapsulation form misenhance exists.An incorrect cable kind has actually been attached to the interface.

Refer to the exhibit. Inter-VLAN interaction in between VLAN 10, VLAN 20, and VLAN 30 is not effective. What is the problem?

The accessibility interencounters carry out not have actually IP addresses and also each must be configured via an IP resolve.The switch interconfront FastEthernet0/1 is configured as an access interconfront and should be configured as a trunk interface.The switch interchallenge FastEthernet0/1 is configured to not negotiate and also must be configured to negotiate.The switch interfaces FastEthernet0/2, FastEthernet0/3, and also FastEthernet0/4 are configured to not negotiate and need to be configured to negotiate.

Refer to the exhibit. While planning an upgrade, a network administrator uses the Cisco NetFlow utility to analyze information flow in the existing network. What created the most packets?


What two encryption algorithms are supplied in IPsec VPNs? (Choose 2.)


Which three statements describe the building blocks that consist of the IPsec protocol framework? (Choose 3.)

IPsec offers encryption algorithms and also secrets to administer secure deliver of information.IPsec supplies Diffie-Hellman algorithms to encrypt data that is transferred via the VPN.IPsec supplies 3DES algorithms to carry out the greatest level of defense for data that is transferred with a VPN.IPsec uses trick crucial cryptography to encrypt messperiods that are sent through a VPN.IPsec supplies Diffie-Hellmale as a hash algorithm to encertain integrity of data that is transmitted through a VPN.IPsec supplies ESP to provide confidential carry of data by encrypting IP packets.

Which WAN modern technology deserve to serve as the underlying netoccupational to carry multiple forms of netoccupational website traffic such as IP, ATM, Ethernet, and also DSL?

ISDNMPLSFrame RelayEthernet WAN

Which WAN connectivity approach would be used in a remote area wright here there are no company provider networks?


Which statement describes cable?

Delivering services over a cable network-related needs downstream frequencies in the 50 to 860 MHz range, and also upstream frequencies in the 5 to 42 MHz selection.The cable subscriber must purchase a cable modem termination mechanism (CMTS).Each cable subscriber has dedicated upstream and downstream bandwidth.Cable subscribers might suppose as much as 27 Mbps of bandwidth on the uppack route.

The output of the show ip interchallenge brief command also shows that Serial0 is up yet the line protocol is dvery own. What are two possible reasons for the line protocol being in the down state? (Choose two.)

The clock rate is not collection on the DTE.An incorrect default gatemeans is collection on the rexternal.A netjob-related is missing from the routing protocol configuration.The encapsulation on the Serial0 interchallenge is incorrect.Keepalives are not being sent out by the remote device.

What are 2 WAN link renovations that are achieved by implementing PPPoE? (Choose two.)

Encapsulating Ethernet frames within PPP frames is an reliable use of bandwidth.DSL CHAP features are included in PPPoE.PPP enables the ISP to assign an IP attend to to the customer WAN interface.An Ethernet attach supports a number of data attach protocols.CHAP allows customer authentication and accounting.

An administrator issued the adhering to commands on rexternal R1:

R1(config)# logging R1(config)# logging trap 5

What conclusion have the right to be drawn from this configuration?

The only messeras that appear on the syslog server are those via severity level of 4 or lower.Messeras through severity level of 6 or better show up only on the router console output.The just messperiods that appear on the syslog server are those with severity level of 5.Messperiods via severity level of 5 or lower appear on the router console output and also are sent to the syslog server.

Fill in the empty.

A spanning-tree network-related that has all of the switched ports in either a blocking or forwarding state is thought about a converged netoccupational.

Fill in the empty. Use only an acronym.

PPPoE creates a PPP tunnel through the DSL link for the function of sfinishing PPP frames.

Match the port state via its problem. (Not all alternatives are used.)


Open the PT Activity. Perform the work in the activity instructions and then answer the question.

Which job hregarding be percreated on Rexternal 1 for it to develop an OSPF adjacency via Router 2?

Issue the clear ip ospf procedure command.Remove the passive interchallenge command also from interchallenge FastEthernet 0/0.Add the network location 0 command to the OSPF procedure.Change the subnet mask of interconfront FastEthernet 0/0 to

Open the PT Activity. Percreate the work in the activity instructions and then answer the question.

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Why are users in the OSPF network not able to access the Internet?

The default path is not respread appropriately from router R1 by OSPF.The interconfront that is connected to the ISP router is down.The OSPF network-related statements are misconfigured on routers R2 and R3.The OSPF timers that are configured on routers R1, R2, and R3 are not compatible.The netoccupational statement is misconfigured on router R1.

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