Which statement best compares a line and a point? A) A point has actually no dimension and also a line has one dimension. B) A line have the right to have line segments on it whereas a suggest cannot be on any kind of line segment. C) suggest is a area whereas a line has numerous planes located on it D) A line can lie on a airplane whereas a point cannot lie on a aircraft.

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A) A point has no dimension and a line has one dimension


Both "a point" and "a line" are considered undefined geometrical terms. This implies that we use them to describe other terms.

1- For a point:

A suggest is used to define a location. It has no dimension, i.e., no size, width or elevation. This indicates that a point has no dimensions.

2- For a line:

A line is characterized as a set of points connected to each various other. A line has a length. However, a line has neither width nor height. This indicates that a line has actually only one dimension.

Based on the over, the correct answer is alternative A.

Hope this helps :)

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