Which Star Trek Voyager Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac? Astrology may not seem relevant to a crew stranded in the barren Delta Quadrant, but these Star Trek Voyager personalities preserve zodiac traits to a T.

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Star Trek: Voyager went where no Trek series had actually gone before: the Delta Quadrant. The ship came to be stranded in this remote, unexplored area of space, 70,000 light-years from residence. As Captain Kathryn Janemeans worked to get them closer to Planet, the motley crew ended up being a tight-knit household.

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The crewmembers provided the traits of their zodiac indicators to fight battles, save stays, and also sail in the direction of residence. Now you have the right to complement these traits with their zodiac in this handy list. Have you ever wondered which Voyager character matches you? You have the right to find out below!

B"Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson) is Voyager"s Chief Engineer. She is a previous member of the Maquis, a paramilitary organization considered terrorists by the Federation. She is half-Klingon, however she isn"t proud of her heritage.

Torres is stubborn, tenacious, and also deeply competitive, favor all Aries. Whether it"s fighting via Salso of Nine or battling the warp core, Torres refsupplies to earlier dvery own. It"s a win or nopoint for this feisty Aries. When she does open up, her eactivities are effective and raw.

Tuvok (Tim Russ) is the Security and Tactical Officer aboard Voyager. He is incredibly cshed to Captain Janeway. Like many Vulcans, he is a Taurus bereason of his stoicism and also aestheticism. Tuvok"s Taurean nature provides him calm, arranged and also collection in his methods. He is the perfect person to depend on in a crisis. Tuvok have the right to be quite stubborn, frequently refusing help in his personal life. But, at the finish of the day, he knows what he likes and doesn"t need anyone else"s input.

Naomi Wildmale - Star Trek: Voyager
Naomi Wildman (Scarlett Pomers) is the first boy that was born aboard Voyager. Her mommy was unknowingly pregnant before Voyager left port. Naomi is young however is already connected in the ship"s functioning.

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Like all Geminis, Naomi is a passionate and difficult worker. She is constantly researching to come to be a captain sooner or later. She"s charming and compelling, and she often gets her method. She may be a kid, however she"s acting like a captain already.

9 Cancer: Icheb

Icheb in Star Trek Voyager
Icheb (Manu Intiraymi) is a Borg drone rescued by the Voyager crew. He"s been separated from the hive and also is currently an independent young male. He"s gentle and a little of a secret softie—that"s the Cancer in him.

Icheb is fiercely protective of his closest advocate, Seven of Nine. He tries to preserve a professional relationship, however it"s clear his emotional Cancer heart worths her opinion above all else. It"s typical of Cancers to develop deep emotional attachments but attempt to hide them behind their protective wall.

Kathryn Janemethod (Kate Mulgrew) is the captain of the USS Voyager. She is a confident captain that has trouble taking time amethod from occupational. She is a Leo via and through; bold, protective, and also constantly ready to lead.

Janemethod is quick to assert her authority as soon as it"s threatened but true to her Leo sign, it"s only bereason she takes her duty for her crew incredibly seriously. It"s her fault they"re so much from Planet, so she is hell-bent on acquiring her crew home safe and sound.

7 Virgo: Neelix

Neelix (Ethan Phillips) is the ship"s cook-cum-ambassador-cum-morale officer. He"s a Talaxian that is at house in the Delta Quadrant. He is taken in by Voyager and also becomes the most dedicated and also loyal crewmember.

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Neelix"s Virgo nature provides him type, useful, and also a tiny insecure about his own worth. He"s deeply curious, constantly searching for even more responsibilities to take on. As a Virgo, Neelix is maybe the many helpful person aboard the ship.

Chakotay (Robert Beltran) is Voyager"s first officer. He is a former Maquis but conveniently confirmed himself to be a loyal member of the Starfleet crew. He is the perfect option for initially officer because of his Libra traits.

Chakotay values balance and also harmony over all else. He is deeply expertise, which serves him well in diplomacy. Sometimes it"s tough to number out his opinion, however that never before obscures his assistance for his captain.

5 Scorpio: The Doctor

The Doctor (Robert Picardo) is Voyager"s Emergency Medical Hologram. Though he is made of photons, the Doctor becomes a critical and also beloved member of the crew. As a Scorpio, he is hugely ambitious both in his job-related and also in his hobbies.

The Doctor is moody and unpredictable. There"s constantly somepoint going on through him, as is common for Scorpios. Yet, he is deeply protective of the health of his crew and also never shies away from taking on brand-new responsibilities to aid out.

Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) was in a penal colony prior to Janemethod hand-picked him for her mission bereason of his Maquis ties. He now serves as the trip controller of Voyager and the major creator of holodeck programs.

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Paris is a little bit of a rebel, favor many Sagittarians. He worths his flexibility, does what he desires, however constantly reflects up to help his crew. He"s a beloved member of the crew despite his hijinks for the joviality he brings to the bridge.

3 Capricorn: Harry Kim

Harry Kim (Garrett Wang) is Voyager"s operations officer. He"s one of the greecolony members of the crew, however it doesn"t take him long to earn his area. That"s because he"s a Capricorn.

Kim is a tough worker, putting his project before all else. He is figured out to make captain one day and puts in the occupational to gain there. He additionally doggedly pursues romantic accomplishments, however to less success. His failures never before sheight him for lengthy, though. He always gets right ago on the equine to try aacquire.

Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) is the astrometric experienced aboard the ship. She is a previous Borg drone that was liberated from the cumulative by Captain Janemethod. She has actually combated difficult for her self-reliance, though she as soon as feared it even more than anypoint else.

Seven"s Aquarian nature leads her to relentlessly seek out the fact, frequently shedding sleep in the process. She"s assertive yet does not always feel favor her more individual needs deserve to be met. In spite of her insecurity, she loves her crewmembers deeply.

1 Pisces: Kes

Kes (Jennifer Lien) is a psionic Ocampan that looks for shelter on Voyager. She learns to aid the Doctor in sickbay. She conveniently has the best heart of all the crewguys, favor a true Pisces—also her soft voice is a comfort to her patients.

Kes has a broad emotional array. Her powers unclear up her, but she looks for to grasp them, nonethemuch less. It"s not unfavor Pisces to come to be overwhelmed by the intensity of their feelings, however Kes offers these feelings to assist the Doctor prosper as a hologram and also healthcare provider.

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