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Momentum and Impulse

Momentum can be defined as "mass in activity."

Momentum = mass * velocity

In physics, the symbol for the amount momentum is the small instance "p"; for this reason, the over equation can be recomposed as

p = m * v

The traditional metric unit of momentum is the kg*m/s.

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Momentum is a vector quantity

Impulse = Change in momentum


If a things experiences a pressure for a particular amount of time it will certainly outcome the object"s mass either accelerates or slows dvery own, which is a change in momentum.

This force on an item for a specific amount of time is dubbed an Impulse.

Equation: J = F * t

1.A 1,200-kilogram auto traveling at 10 meters per secondhits a tree and also is brought to rest in 0.10 second. What is the magnitude of the average pressure acting on the vehicle to bring it to rest? Fnet = -120,000N

2.What is the speed of a 1.0 × 103-kilogram car that has actually a momentum of 2.0 × 104 kilogram?meters per second east? V = 20 m/s East

3.In the diagram below, a 60-kilogram rollerskater exerts a 10-newton force on a 30-kilogram rollerskater for 0.20 second. What is the magnitude of the impulse applied to the

30-kilogram rollerskater?

J = 2 N*s

4.Which case will produce the best adjust of momentum for a 1.0-kilogram cart?

1. accelerating it from rest to 3.0 m/s

2. accelerating it from 2.0 m/s to 4.0 m/s

3. applying a net pressure of 5.0 N for 2.0 s

4. applying a net force of 10.0 N for 0.5 s

5.Calculate the magnitude of the impulse applied to a 0.75-kilogram cart to adjust its velocity from 0.50 meter per second east to 2.00 meters per second eastern. Change in p = 1.25 Kgm/s

The Law of Momentum Conservation

The complete momentum of the two objects prior to the collision is equal to the total momentum of the two objects after the collision.

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ELASTIC COLLISION M1 * V1 + M2 * V2 = M1 * V1 + M2 * V2

INELASTIC COLLISION M1 * V1 + M2 * V2 = (M1+M2) * V

6.3000-kg truck relocating through a velocity of 10 m/s hits a 1000-kg parked auto. The impact causes the 1000-kg vehicle to be set in activity at 15 m/s. Assuming that momentum is conserved in the time of the collision, recognize the velocity of the truck after the collision. V = 5m/s


7.At the circus, a 100-kilogram clown is fired 15 meters per second from a 500-kilogram cannon. What is the recoil speed of the cannon?

V2 = -3m/s

8. On a snow-extended road, a auto with a mass of 1.1×103 kilograms collides head-on via a van having a mass of 2.5×103 kilograms traveling at 8.0 meters per second. As an outcome of the collision, the vehicles lock together and immediately concerned rest. Calculate the speed of the auto automatically prior to the collision.