What Is the Indicative Mood? (through Examples)

The indicative mood is a verb create that makes a statement or asks a question. For example:Jack sings every Friday.(This is a verb in the indicative mood. It"s a statement.)Is Jack the lead vocalist?(This is a verb in the indicative mood. It"s a question.)Compare the examples over through this:Sing us a song, Jack.(This verb is not in the indicative mood. It is in the imperative mood. It"s an order. It"s not a statement or a question.)
The vast majority of verbs in sentences are in the indicative mood.The main verb in a declarative sentence (a statement) or an interrogative sentence (a question) will certainly be in the indicative mood.

Examples of Verbs in the Indicative Mood

Here are some more examples of verbs in the indicative mood (shaded):The skies is clear tonight.She stopped throughout the 3rd lap.The aliens will be unable to breathe our air.Is that a whelk?That was tasty. Did you choose it?(This is a declarative sentence followed by an interrogative sentence.)

What Is Mood?

Mood is the develop a verb takes to show how it is to be pertained to (e.g., as a fact, a command also, a wish, an uncertainty).Tbelow are 3 major moods in English:The Indicative Mood
. This says facts or asks questions. For example:She is driving the vehicle.Is she driving the car?Drive the car!Please drive the automobile.I indicate that Dawn drive the car.I propose that Dawn be asked to drive the car.If I were Dawn, I would drive the vehicle.

Why Should I Care about the Indicative Mood?

Many sentences are in the indicative mood. As such, it have the right to be considered the "baseline" mood. (The greatest allude for learners regarded the indicative mood is understanding how to form questions.) In significance, the indicative mood is the baseline against which the various other more-abstract moods (i.e., the imperative mood and also the subjunctive mood) are compared.

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Key Points

Discover about the indicative mood so you can see exactly how the imperative mood and also the subjunctive mood differ.
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