August 27, 2021 at 1:18 am EDTBy Justin Wilfon, WSB-TVATLANTA — A metro mother’s prayers have actually been answered after she found out her child, a U.S. Naval serving at the Kabul airport, is safe after the tragic bombings.

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“It’s terrifying, to be honest. As a parent, you desire them to be safe, and also here I am unable to safeguard them,” a Walton County womale who wants to just be determined as Kim for her son’s security told Channel 2 anchor Justin Wilfon.

For parents of company members in Afghanistan, it was a day of waiting and praying that their youngsters somejust how survived the bombings that have actually killed at leastern 13 UNITED STATE business members.

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Kim was at work-related as soon as she heard the news about the battle exterior the airport.

“Absolute panic, however being in a army household, I know no news is great news, so I just retained that in my mind,” she shelp.

Later, the good news lastly came. Kim’s son was nowright here near the battle site, yet then she heard around the second battle and the fear went back. Her son, luckily, was not one of the many kind of casualties.

“I’ve had actually a good cry this particular day simply reasoning around all the servicemales we shed. I can’t imagine what their moms and also parental fees and also family members are going via,” she said.

Kim claims her kid will certainly remajor in Afghanistan helping airlift Americans and Afghans out of the nation.


Kacey Cecil served as a lieutenant in Afghanistan in 2014. While no much longer serving his country overseas, Cecil is trying to assist gain refugees out of the country from his Marietta house.

After the Taliban took over the nation this month, one of Cecil’s friends in Afghanistan sent him startling monitoring videos of Taliban forces patrolling his neighborhood.

Cecil started working through several of his contacts to obtain his Afghan friends out of the nation.

“We were able to acquire some of the interpreters and others that operated really difficult via the UNITED STATE But their friends, their families, they’re still in Kabul trying to gain out,” he told Wilfon.

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One of those friends sent out Cecil a video clip of Kabul after the bombings. The video shows them trudging with a sewage canal simply to make it to the airport and also to freedom.

“I don’t understand exactly how to describe it. It’s pretty awful,” he shelp.

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A closer look at those security videos surveillance videos mirrors the Taliban driving American humvees, a grim reminder of the tools and tools the Taliban are armed via after the fall of the Afghan army.