Which option below is not a disk management tool?

Administrative Tools

The Administrative Tools area has the adhering to options: Free up disk space, Defragment your hard drive, Create and also format hard disk partitions, View occasion logs, and Schedule tasks.

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Choosing Free up disk space will certainly launch the Disk Cleanup applet, as seen in Figure 5.11. The Disk Cleanup applet will sdeserve to your system and also identify what have the right to be done to free up area on your disks. You have the right to delete Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Web Files, Offline Webpages, documents in the Recycle Bin, Setup Log Files, Temporary Files, Thumbnails, Per user archived Windows Error Reports, and also System archived Windows Error Reports.


The Disk Cleanup applet likewise consists of an option to Clean up system files. This choice will certainly reason the Disk Cleanup applet to open up through a tab referred to as More Options. On the More Options tab you have the choice to rerelocate programs that you carry out not use. You also need to alternative to remove older system gain back points.

Choosing the Free up disk space alternative will carry up the Disk Defragmenter. The Disk Defragmenter can help boost performance of your drives. Fragmentation occurs once files split almost everywhere your disks. When this happens, you disk has to carry out more work-related to access records. The Disk Defragmenter will move your papers to a contiguous location. This will certainly speed disk access performance.

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Choosing the Create and also format tough disk partitions alternative will lug up the Disk Management console. You can usage the Disk Management consingle to regulate your difficult disks and also disk partitions. You have the right to produce partitions and also format partitions. You can likewise connumber fault tolerance for your disks.

Choosing the View occasion logs alternative will certainly open up the Windows Event Viewer. You have the right to check out the Windows logs: Application, Security, Setup, and System. You can additionally check out individual logs for certain Windows applications and Windows services. You deserve to use Event Viewer to view logs on the local device or a remote mechanism.

Choosing the Schedule tasks option will launch Task Scheduler, as watched in Figure 5.12. Using Task Scheduler, you deserve to schedule jobs to run at specified times. This is good for bureaucratic and also maintenance tasks that should be run on a regular basis.

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Task Scheduler provides great versatility. You deserve to use the Create Basic Task wizard or manually produce a job. You deserve to schedule work to run once, everyday, weekly, monthly, as soon as the computer system starts, as soon as a user logs on, or once a details occasion is logged. The task can be to run a regime or script, sfinish an e-mail, or display a message. Task Scheduler additionally permits you to import and export jobs. This is useful if you want to run the very same task on multiple devices.