Weight is the meacertain of just how heavy an item is. Weight is measured in standard customary units.

The mass of an item is the amount of material it contains. Mass is measured in typical metric devices.

For daily functions, as soon as you"re on the surconfront of the earth, the distinction is not important. But if you meacertain something on another world, its mass will be the very same as it is on earth—yet its weight will certainly be different. (Weight relies on gravity, and gravity is various on various other planets! This is why once you"re floating in space, you"re weightmuch less. You still have mass, though,)

Metric Units

The gram and kilogram are 2 devices supplied to measure mass in the metric system .

From the gram, we acquire the rest of the metric systems making use of the standard metric prefixes.


0.001 gram or 1 1000 gram


0.01 gram or 1 100 gram

Decigram (dg)

0.1 gram or 1 10 gram


1,000 milligrams

Dekagram (dag)

10 grams

Hectogram (hg)

100 grams

Kilogram (kg)

1,000 grams

Metric ton(t)

1,000 kilograms

A paper clip has a mass of around 1 gram.


A 1 liter bottle of water has actually a mass of 1 kilogram (plus a little bit additional for the plastic).


U.S. Customary Units

The mechanism for measuring weight (not mass) in the customary mechanism is based on ounce, pound, and also ton. The basic unit of weight is a pound(lb).

1     pound   ( lb )   =   16     ounces   ( oz ) 1     ton   ( T )                 =   2 , 000     pounds

An ounce is the smallest unit of weight. A strawberry has a weight of around 1 ounce.


A car has a weight of around 2 loads.


To convert from one unit to an additional, we deserve to usage unit evaluation . For instance, a truck weights 6,000 pounds. How many lots is this?

We know that 1     ton = 2 , 000     pounds .

To transform pounds to loads, you can divide 6 , 000 by 2 , 000 .

6 , 000 ÷ 2 , 000 = 3     tons .


(a) To transform from larger units to smaller units, multiply by the correct unit proportion.

(b) To transform from smaller units to larger systems, multiply by the reciprocal of the correct unit ratio.

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(c) Multiplying or splitting by a unit ratio is mathematically equivalent to making use of a propercent to convert between devices of meacertain .