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Reference no: EM131145153

Write the answers of the question given below pertained to the topic "Planning"

True/False Questions

1.HR Planning is the procedure of forecasting the organization"s future employment needs, and also then developing action staffing plans and programs for fulfilling thosedemands.

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2.Staffing planning is a logical outgrowth of HR planning.

3.The first step of the humale reresource planning process is to determine human resource availabilities.

4.The last action in the human resource planning procedure is to develop action plans to cshed the projected gaps.

5.Person resource planning takes location as an integral part of an organization"s business planning process.

6.Business and HR plans need to have a cshed, reciprocal linkage with each various other.

7.The long-term component of a humale reresource arrangement has actually a scope of roughly ten or even more years.

8.One trouble with utilizing existing payroll headcount for forespreading and also planning functions is that it ignores vacancies that exist at the time of the count.

9.Most establishments take the place that HR staff is eventually responsible for the completion and high quality of humale reresource planning.

10.HR forecasting methods are either statistical or judgmental in nature.

11.Judgpsychological forespreading methods have the right to be used to job HR demands, yet they are not thought about to be viable approaches for projecting HR availabilities.

12.Markov evaluation is a method for forespreading HR requirements.

13.Applying Markov evaluation entails the presumption that historic transitional probcapability prices will certainly remajor the very same during the forecasting duration.

14.Markov evaluation, regardmuch less of task category dimension, deserve to primarily be used to create steady approximates of future HR availabilities.

15.Vacancy evaluation is a statistical approach used in the analysis of HR availcapacity.

16.Succession planning helps to recognize backup candidates that are, or quickly will certainly be, qualified to replace current executives or upper-level managers.

17.One limitation of a Markov analysis is that it does not detect multiple moves by employees in between consecutive time periods (i.e., T and also T+1).

18.Monitoring legislative task that may affect HR policy is an instance of external eco-friendly scanning.

19.Staffing objectives are acquired from the identified gaps between HR needs and also availabilities.

20.Increasing overtime hrs and numbers of part-time employees would be a possible staffing different to correct for long-term employment shorteras. 21he essential benefit of the "core workforce" is that it gives stcapacity, continuity and predictability to the organization.

22The use of a "flexible occupational force" is normally even more expensive than a core job-related pressure.

23.The key benefit of a "versatile occupational force" is adaptcapability.

24.The use of a "core job-related force" involves decreased legal regulate over employees. 25.The reconciliation and gap phase of the humale resource planning procedure identifies projected gaps and also the likely factors for them.

26.Workers that are offered to employers by staffing firms are employees of the staffing firms and also not the employers.

27.An independent contractor is generally thought about to be an employee of the company that utilizes his/her services.

28.The major legal concern in HR and staffing planning is that of affirmative action plans and also programs.

29.All affirmative action plans share three components - quantitative evaluation, placement objectives, and also activity plans.

30.Legal affirmative activity plans have to be a irreversible part of an company once they are produced.

31.Affirmative activity plans are mostly perceived as being illegal in the eyes of the Supreme Court.

32.Legal affirmative activity plans perform not need that all candidates for positions be qualified for those positions.

33.Affirmative action plans are integral parts of general staffing units.

34.A diverse workforce is heterogeneous in terms of individuals" KSAOs and also catalyst.

35.One benefit of a diversity regimen is that it might aid increase the retention rates of those obtained through an AAP.

36.Economic conditions, labor markets, and also labor unions are all necessary internalinfluences on HR planning.

37.Labor demand also is a result of customer needs for an organization"s products andsolutions.

38.Projections to year 2008 indicate that a lot of task development will certainly occur in the manufacturing sector.

39.One response of employers to labor shortperiods is hiring bonprovides and stock alternatives.

40.Contingent employees generally have actually an implicit contract for long-term employmentthrough an employer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1.Which of the adhering to is a component of the HR planning process? a.Determining future HR requirements b.Determining future HR availabilities c.Conducting scans of the inner and external atmospheres d.All of the above are correct

2.The major legal problem for HR strategy and planning is ________.

a.affirmative activity plans b.disparate treatment c.dispaprice impact d.sexual harassment 3.A essential advantage of having actually a core occupational pressure is that it provides_________.

a.better predictcapacity b.higher worker productivity c.higher organizational profitcapacity d.lower costs

4.A significant disadvantage of a versatile occupational force is that _________. leads to loss of legal manage over employees can bring about dispute between core and also functional employees c.versatile employees are regularly much less acquainted via tools d.all of the above

5.Which of the following topics is proper for external ecological scanning?

a.Job analysis b.Laws and regulations c.Organizational work-related pressure complace d.Employee reward preferences

6.Employment reconciliation analyzes gaps between________.

a.AA requirements and also the exterior labor pressure b.future HR needs and also AA demands c.future HR demands and also HR availability d.every one of the over 7.Action plans are best explained as__________.

a.Long-term procedures to resolve HR problems b.Short-term procedures to rectify employment gaps c.Sets of options to be reconciled d.Long-term strategic actions

8.A short-lived planning time framework would typically be __________. a.five to ten years b.3 to 5 years c.two-three years year or less

9.Using easy headcounts for forecasting and HR planning may _____.

a.overestimate job-related pressure high quality b.just be done via managerial employees c.recognize vacancies that exist when the headcount is made d.mistranslate the actual work-related pressure size in terms of actual FTEs 10.Which of the adhering to involve(s) judgpsychological forecasting?

a.Vacancy analysis b.Time series evaluation c.Regression evaluation d.Ratio analysis 11.Which of the following would not be addressed in forecasting HR availabilities?

a.Promovements b.Transfers c.Exits d.Motivation level 12.Markov evaluation is a technique for ___________.

a.task analysis b.availcapability forecasting c.HR necessity forecasting d.seniority estimation

13.A transition matrix would certainly show up in a __________.

a.regression evaluation b.stochastic evaluation c.Markov evaluation d.time series analysis

14.Which of the complying with pose(s) a limitation of Markov analysis?

a.Large sample sizes b.Lack of employee moves c.Poor economic problems d.Small sample sizes

15.Executive reviews many frequently involve __________.

a.identification of back-up candidays for positions opening because of retirements b.testimonial of managers through potential to end up being peak executives c.evaluation of full job-related pressure needs d.actions of executive project turnover 16.Which of the following can be defined as being a kind of "judgmental" Markov analysis?

a.Executive review b.Sequence evaluation c.Vacancy analysis d.Turnover analysis 17.Which of the adhering to can be the object of an internal ecological scan?

a.Turnover b.Laws and also regulations c.Economic trends d.National demographics

18.The proper sequence for developing activity plans would certainly a lot of most likely be _____.

a.Set objectives, geneprice options, assess options, choose options b.Generate options, assess options, pick choices, collection goals c.Generate options, assess options, set missions, choose alternativesd.Assess choices, geneprice choices, choose options, set objectives 19.Affirmative action plans and programs execute not originate from ________.

a.voluntary employer initiatives b.court-imposed remedies for discriminatory practices c.consent agreements d.union mandates

20.Which of the adhering to statements regarding AAPs is false?

a.Only exterior resources of employees affect AAP outcomes. b.AA purposes and timetables are required as benchmarks in achieving outcomes. c.Management commitment is an overriding factor in contributing to the success of AAPs.d.Without sustaining activity plans, AA objectives and timetables have little bit definition.

21.To have actually a high probability of being acceptable in the eyes of the Supreme Court, an organization"s AAP must __________.

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a.not necessarily interfere via the project status of non-minority and male employees b.concentprice on future, fairly than past discrimicountry c.not focus on underutilization a long-term attribute of business structure 22.The purpose of diversity programs is the ___________.

a.recruitment of woguys and minorities b.promovement of woguys and minorities c.assimilation/adaptation of a diverse work-related pressure as soon as it has actually been got d.raised inclusion of minorities in the applicant pool

23.Advanteras of a core workforce incorporate _______________. a.stcapability, continuity, and predictcapacity b.a sense of commitment and also mutual function towards the organization"s purpose company deserve to straight regulate how it acquires its workcompelled.every one of the above

24.Which of the complying with is an benefit of inner staffing?

a.larger variety of women to attract from b.bigger variety of minorities to draw from c.less expensive d.none of the above

25.Which of the following is a disadvantage of external staffing? a.It is time consuming to identify applicants b.There is a little labor market to recruit from c.Employees may call for more training time d.None of the above