there have to be an appropriate fit in between the leader"s behavior and also style and also the conditions in the instance.

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Julia offers prestige to both relationships and also jobs. She clarifies task objectives and setting policies and budgets. She additionally gives aid and guidance to her subordinates. She acknowledges their achievements and also permits them to carry out suggestions. According to the situational theory of management, Julia has adopted the:
Steve heads the proactivities team of Franklin Inc. He hardly ever offers directions to his subordinates or helps them finish jobs. He asindicators the whole obligation for execution of jobs to his subordinates. According to the situational concept of leadership, Steve adopts the:
Barney heads the finance team of Neon Inc. Several of his team members display screen exceptionally low levels of readiness. He gives particular instructions to aid them execute jobs and also sets clear deadlines. He has a high problem for work and also a low problem for relationships. According to the situational theory of management, Barney adopts the:
According to the situational concept of leadership, which style of leadership is efficient for followers via moderate readiness?
According to Fiedler"s contingency model of leadership, in a extremely unfavorable instance, a strong task orientation will:
According to the path-goal theory of leadership, which of the following situational contingencies is a work setting contingency?
bereason it is composed of three sets of contingencies— leader style, followers and case, and also the rewards to satisfy followers" requirements.
Brian serves as the interactions manager of Genesis Inc. He tends to ask his subordinates for their opinions, suggestions, and principles. He enables followers to take part in the decision-making process. He conducts regular brainstorming sessions and also discussions to involve followers in determining future operations. According to the path-goal theory of leadership, this shows that Brian uses:
According to the Vroom-Jearlier contingency design of management, which of the complying with instances shows a leader delegating a difficulty in decision making?
A leader permits a team to undertake the identification and also diagnosis of the difficulty and develop alternative steps for resolving it.
Gerald heads the investment banking team of Zenith Inc. The tasks of employees in the team are very structured and also well defined. They have regime jobs that need to be completed within specific timelines. Each employee has to job-related towards meeting particular targets. According to the substitutes-for-leadership strategy, Gerald should:

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Norah is the marketing manager of Alpha Inc. She likes to be in control of her team. She is competitive, is decisive, and has high position power. She pdescribes asauthorize jobs to others and offer them instructions on how to execute them. This scenario implies that Norah scores high on: