Which among the adhering to statements is not true around nuclear energy generation in a nuclear reactor?(A) Energy is obtained by a process called nuclear fission.

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(B) The nucleus of Uranium is bombarded through high power neutrons.

(C) A chain reaction is set in the procedure.

(D) In this procedure a incredible amount of power is released at a managed price.


(B) The nucleus of Uranium is bombarded through high power neutrons.


The nucleus of Uranium is bombarded with low-energy neutrons, not with high-energy neutrons.

Nuclear fission - It is characterized as the splitting of a heavy nucleus right into 2 lighter or daughter nuclei via a nuclear reaction. The heavy nucleus (such as uranium, plutonium thorium) is bombarded with low-energy neutrons, which results in the manufacturing of a high amount of power.

Nuclear reactors are the heart of a nuclear power plant, which uses uranium as a nuclear fuel. They regulate and also control nuclear chain reactions that create warmth via the physical process known as fission. And, this warmth is offered to make vapor that spins a generator to produce electrical energy.



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