Which of the adhering to statements is INCORRECT?A. Mean, Median and also Setting may be same for some data.B. The probability of gaining an ace out of a deck of cards is less than ( 1 . )C. Mean of the data is always from the given data.

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D. Mean of the data may or may not be from the given data.


A. Average, Median and Setting may be exact same for some information.

For example, if the given information is 10, 10, 10.




As such, statement A is correct.

B. The probcapability of acquiring an ace out of a deck of cards is much less than ( 1 . )

The provided statement is correct bereason probability is always between 0 and also 1 (both included).

C. Median of the data is always from the offered information.For example, if the offered information is 5, 10, 15, 20

Mean $=frac5+10+15+204=frac504=12.5$

Therefore, statement C is incorrect.

D. Typical of the information may or may not be from the provided information.

For example, if the given information is 5, 10, 15, 20.

Median $=frac10+152=frac252=12.5$

Therefore, statement D is correct.

Option C is the correct answer.


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