l>Chapter 7, Quality Management

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The significant elements of TQM include:A.Philosophical element
B.Generic tools
C.Tools of the QC department
D.Human being element
E.A, B, C
F.A, B, C, D
2.Generic tools encompass all EXCEPT:A.Run charts
B.Scatter diagrams
C.Sampling plans
D.Quality Function Deployment
E.Fishbone diagram
3.The categories for the Baldrige Award include:A.Manufacturing suppliers or subsidiaries
B.Small businesses
C.Educational institutions
D.Healthcare organizations
E.A and also B
F.All of the above
4.Which of the adhering to statement is not true around the Deming Prize?A.The primary emphasis of the Deming Prize is statistical high quality manage.
B.The grading criteria of the Deming Prize include policy and also missions, analysis, manage, future plans, among others.
C.The Deming prize was first awarded in 1951.
D.The scope of the Deming Prize is minimal to firms through UNITED STATE operations.
E.The sponsors for the Deming Prize are the Union of Scientists and also Engineers.
5.The category offered the maximum suggest worth in the Baldrige award is:A.Strategic planning
B.Customer and industry focus
C.Company results
D.Process management
E.Human being reresource focus
6.Which Quality Guru supported that senior administration is responsible for 94% of top quality problems?A.Crosby
E.Namong the above
7.Which of the following is not a dimension of style quality?A.Features
8.Testing is an example of:A.Appraisal costs
B.Prevention costs
C.Internal failure costs
D.External failure costs
E.None of the above
9.An instance of avoidance high quality expense is:A.Inspection
C.Train personnel
E.Warranty replacements
10.SPC tools commonly offered for continuous development initiatives include:A.Process flow chart
B.Pareto analysis
C.Causage and also result diagrams
E.All of the above
11.Which of the following statements is not true around the ISO 9000 series?A.The ISO 9000 consists of 5 primary components numbered as 9000 with 9004.
B.Tright here are 20 aspects in the ISO 9000 standards that relate to exactly how the mechanism operates and how well it is percreating.
C.ISO 9000 is somewhat deliberately vague.
D.Tright here are 3 forms of certification: first, second and third party.
E.ISO 9000 locations more emphasis on customer satisfaction and also service outcomes.
12.Which of the following is not one of Deming"s 14 administration points?A.cease dependence on mass inspection
B.institute training on the job for all employees
C.mitigate variation in output
D.break down barriers in between departments

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