If a test is dependable, it is objectiveIf a test is valid, it is trusted alsoIf a test is dependable, it is validIf a test is valid and trustworthy, it is usable
The major duty of a teacher is to promote high quality finding out among the students. To attain this, the teacher hregarding recognize the areas wright here the learner commits mistakes. Administering a test is just among the means of doing that.

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A Test: It is aprocedure intended to establish the top quality, performance, orreliabilityof something.Testreliabilityand validity are two technical properties of a test that suggest the top quality and usefulness of the test.


Characteristics of a Good Test:


The test is considered valid if it actions what it has been designed to meacertain. For example, a test designed to meacertain personality should meacertain the ‘personality’ and also not some various other traits.Also, if a test is valid, it is certainly trusted. i.e. if a test produces exact results, they must be continuous. E.g., if a test designed to meacertain mental capability and it does meacertain that, then, is bound to offer constant scores.


It implies the consistency through which a test returns the same outcome over time in measuring whatever they perform meacertain.For example, a test designed to test the IQ of students need to develop the same outcome also once it is administered aget after a brief while.Also, a test can be reliable without being valid i.e. the results could be consistent, however they’re not necessarily correct.E.g., if a thermometer is malfunctioning, it will certainly still carry out a continual result on checking the temperature.


A test is objective when it renders for the elimination of the scorer’s personal opinion or biased judgment.


​​The test need to have actually a handy worth from time, economy, and also administration points of view. It likewise refers to exactly how satisfied learners are with that evaluation procedure.


A test have the right to be reputable without being valid.However, a test cannot be valid unless it is reputable.

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Hence, it can be concluded from the offered points that if a test is valid, it is additionally reliable.