What is occasionally referred to as rated capacity?a. efficiencyb. utilizationc. effective capacityd. expected outpute. design capacity
Effective capacity is thea. maximum output of a mechanism in a given periodb. capacity a firm expects to accomplish provided the existing operating constraintsc. average output that have the right to be accomplished under right conditionsd. minimum usable capacity of a details facilitye. amount of every one of the organization"s inputs
Which of the following represents an aggressive technique to demand also administration in the servicesector as soon as demand also and also capacity are not particularly well matched?a. inexpensive rates for weekfinish phone callsb. appointmentsc. reservationsd. first-come, first-servede. none of the above
The Academic Computing Center has 5 trainers easily accessible in its computer labs to carry out trainingsessions to students. Assume that the capacity of the mechanism is 1900 students per semester and theutilization is 90%. If the number of students that actually obtained their orientation session is 1500,what is the effectiveness of the system?a. 1350 studentsb. 1710 studentsc. 75%d. 87.7%e. 90%
Christopher"s Cranks offers a device that deserve to develop 100 cranks per hour. The firm opeprices 12hours per day, five days per week. Due to on a regular basis reserved precautionary maintenance, the firmexpects the machine to be running in the time of about 95% of the obtainable time. Based onexperience with other commodities, the firm expects to attain an effectiveness level for the cranks of85%. What is the supposed weekly output of cranks for this company?a. 5100b. 5700c. 4845d. 969e. 6783
The staff training center at a huge neighborhood hospital gives training sessions in CPR to all employees. Assume that the capacity of this training mechanism was designed to be 1200 employees per year. Due to the fact that the training center was initially put in usage, the regimen has come to be even more complicated, so that 1050 now represents the the majority of employees that deserve to be trained per year. In the previous year, 950 employees were trained. The efficiency of this device is roughly _____ and its utilization is around _____.a. 79.2 percent; 90.5 percentb. 90.5 percent; 79.2 percentc. 87.5 percent; 950 employeesd. 950 employees; 1050 employeese. 110.5 percent; 114.3 percent
Which of the following represents a widespread way to manage capacity in the service sector?a. appointmentsb. reservationsc. changes in staffing levelsd. first-come, initially served business rulee. "early bird" specials in restaurants
If demand exceeds capacity at a brand-new facility, an organization deserve to usage which of the adhering to to move demand to an existing facility?a. aggressive marketingb. reduced prices at all facilitiesc. build a facility of the correct sized. add a complementary producte. mitigate lead times
Adding a complementary product to what is presently being created is a demand managementstrategy provided whena. demand also exceeds capacityb. capacity exceeds demand for a product which has secure demandc. the existing product has seasonal or cyclical demandd. price rises have actually failed to lug around demand managemente. effectiveness exceeds 100 percent
An company whose capacity is on that percent of the average unit expense curve that falls as outputrisesa. has actually a facility that is listed below optimum operating level and should construct a bigger facilityb. has a facility that is above optimum operating level and also have to construct a smaller facilityc. is experiencing from diseconomic situations of scaled. has utilization higher than efficiencye. has performance greater than utilization
Of the 4 viewpoints to capacity development, the strategy that "straddles" demanda. provides increpsychological expansionb. provides one-step expansionc. at some times leads demand also, and also at various other times lagsd. works ideal once demand also is not prospering yet is stablee. Choices a and c are both correct.

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Which of the following is not one of the four viewpoints to capacity expansion?a. average capacity via increpsychological expansionb. lead demand via increpsychological expansionc. lag demand also through increpsychological expansiond. lead demand through one-action expansione. lag demand also via one-action expansion
Which of the complying with is false about capacity expansion?a. "Average" capacity periodically leads demand, sometimes lags it.b. If "lagging" capacity is preferred, excess demand have the right to be met via overtime or subcontracting.c. Total expense comparisons are a fairly straight strategy of comparing capacity options.d. Capacity might only be added in big chunks.e. All of the above are true.
Break-even is the number of devices at whicha. full revenue equals price times quantityb. full revenue amounts to complete variable costc. total revenue amounts to complete addressed costd. total profit amounts to total coste. total revenue equals full cost
Which of the following statements about fixed costs is true?a. Fixed prices climb by a consistent amount for eincredibly added unit of volume.b. While addressed expenses are ordinarily consistent via respect to volume, they have the right to "step" upward if volume boosts result in added solved prices.c. Fixed prices are those costs linked through direct labor and also products.d. Fixed prices equal variable expenses at the break-even suggest.e. Fixed price is the difference in between offering price and variable cost.

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b. While fixed expenses are ordinarily consistent via respect to volume, they can "step" upward ifvolume increases cause extra resolved costs.

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