5.Which of the following ratios appears on a common-dimension balance sheet?

I. Debt to asset ratioII. Net functioning resources to full assetsIII. Net profit margin


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Analysis of a company's financial statements:Below are streamlined versions of the balance sheet and earnings statement forToys by Tom, Inc.Use this information to answer question 10.

A 15% rise in inventory turns forToys by Tom, Inc.would lug this ratio to ____, arguing ________ in ________.


11.The cash cycle steps the days compelled to develop finiburned products or delivered solutions.13.The sustainable development price is the maximum expansion rate achievable over a prolonged duration of time.14.The cash convariation cycle is calculated as:15.Which of following are resources of cash in a statement of sources and uses?

I. Collection of accounts receivablesII. Reduction of permanent debtIII. Payment of dividendsIV. Reduction in the cash account

16.Which of the complying with actions, all else being equal, will rise the sustainable expansion rate?17.Biases deserve to and also need to constantly be eliminated in financial forecasts.18.Which of the adhering to is typically forecasted as a percent of sales:19.External funding demands are computed as:20.A perpetuity is a stream of cash flows that lasts forever.21.The higher the opportunity price of resources the better the NPV.22.A task with an interior rate of rerotate greater than the expense of funding should constantly be accepted.23.The phenomenon of compounding connotes which of the following?24.If you invest $2,000 this day for three years at 5% interemainder passist annually, you will certainly earn a complete of $_____ in interest. Assume you re-invest all interest.25.Enterprise Free Cash Flows should include:

I. Capital expendituresII. Financing costsIII. TaxesIV. Working capital requirements

26.You are trying to decide whether to accept or reject a one-year task. The task is approximated to generate $5,000 in increpsychological gross profit, which has $200 in depreciation. Incremental SG&A cost is $400. At a 35% tax price, the after-tax incremental cash flow is:27.You are saving money for a dvery own payment on a residence. Suppose you desire to have actually complete savings of $20,000 in 10 years time and also you have actually presently $5,000. What yearly interest price perform you have to earn on your initial investment, assuming you contribute no additional savings?28.What is the existing value of a flourishing perpetuity that renders a payment of $100 in the first year, which thereafter grows at 3% per year? Apply a discount rate of 7%.

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