Categorize the five common features of high-high quality information and rank them in order of prominence to Zillow. 

Develop a list of some possible entities and attributes of Zillow’s mortgage database. 

Exordinary the five netfunctioning aspects producing a connected human being.

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The 5 prevalent characteristics of high-top quality indevelopment are the following:

-Accuracy: making certain that the information presented is correct.

Completeness: making sure that all the indevelopment presented is not absent any kind of importantdata.

Consistency: making certain that all the indevelopment presented is regular via one an additional.Timeliness: making certain that the indevelopment up-to-date and satisfies current customer needs.

- Uniqueness: making sure that tbelow is no duplicate information offered in the evaluation and also presentation.


The rank of the 5 widespread features of high-high quality information in order of importancefor the website, a business that supplies customers to book hotel rooms online, is thefollowing

-Accuracy: making certain that the information about hotels presented on the webwebsite is correct.

- Consistency: making sure that all the information presented is constant via one an additional. Forexample, the price of a hotel room is the exact same all over on the website.



Entity can...
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