Definition noun, plural: flagellates A cell or an organism that has flagella adjective (1) Of, pertaining to, identified by having a whip-prefer organelle, flagella (2) (botany) Producing filiform runners such as that in strawberry Supplement A flagellate pertains to any type of cell or organism (especially microscopic) that has actually one or even more flagella. Certain organisms are flagellated in specific stages of their life cycle. Flagellate may additionally refer to a group of protozoans defined by their flagellum or flagella ((e.g., Giardia lamblia)). In a previous 5 kingdom scheme of classification, the protozoans belengthy to Kingdom Protista and are classified into 4 groups based on their implies of locomotion: the flagellates, the amoeboids, the sporozoans, and the ciliates. However, this taxonomic scheme of classification is being reinserted via the one that involves DNA sequencing and comparisons. Nonetheless, these terms are still in usage in describing the level of organization between these groups. Many kind of of the flagellates have actually two flagella such that one is directed forwards while the other is trailing behind (such as in Euglena). The flagellum is just one of the locomotory organelles that many type of single-celled eukaryotes make use of to propel themselves in an aquatic tool. Apart from propulsion, the flagellum may likewise be involved in obtaining food. The flagellum creates a existing that brings in food in the direction of the cell or organism. Word origin: Latin flagellum (“whip”) See also:


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collared flagellate

Last updated on March 1st, 2021

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