Annual time series data of air conditioner sales will certainly consist of what time series components?

Seasonality, Random
Cycles, Random
Trend, Cycles, Random
Trend, Cycles

Which of the adhering to statements is true?

MADVERTISEMENT penalizes a forespreading technique more for larger errors than MSE does.

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Company cycles are seasonal variations.
Trfinish always measures the linear rise in a specific variable over time.
Cyclical variations cover much longer periods of time than carry out seasonal variations.

Which measure tells us the toughness of the linear relationship in between X and Y?

Independent variable
Standard error
Coreliable of determination
Correlation coefficient

Which of the adhering to statements is true?

The coefficient of determination will always be between −1 and also +1.
The Delphi approach is a forespreading design that incorpoprices the usage of regression.
No single finest forecasting model exists.
If the correlation coefficient between X and also Y is extremely close to zero, then tbelow is a weak connection between X and also Y.

Consider the adhering to quarterly sales information ($1 000) from Winter 2004 to Spring 2005: (516, 588, 491, 418, 530, 603). The seasonal proportion for Fall 2004 is:


A forecasting version through α = 0.4 will respond even more easily to past changes in the information than a forespreading design with α = ______?


Which of the following is a causal forecasting model?

Multiple regression
Exponential smoothing
Weighted moving average
Delphi method

A manager wishes to compute a 3-month weighted relocating average forecast for December. The weights are 0.6, 0.3, and 0.1. The manager desires the a lot of current observations to get the higher weights. The actual monitorings for September, October, and also November were 80, 84, and 89, respectively. What is the foreactors for December?

The time series component called Random Variation is primarily assumed:

have actually no discernable pattern.
the variation average out over time.
both above are correct.

When a foreactors is close to the actual worths and thought about as a "good" foreactors then the meacertain of foreactors error referred to as MAPE is:

cshed −1
close to 1
cshed to 0.5
close to 0

The weight values provided in the weighted relocating average are:

determined by a formula.
each weight is assigned an equal value
assigned some arbitrarily liked worths, wbelow endure is forced.
assigned so that the sum of the weights is equal to 10.

The higher the worth of α (α closer to 1) for the exponential smoothing foreactors method, has the result of placing weight (importance) on:

equally on the a lot of recent duration and also the previous period (so the impacts are equal).
the previous period.
the the majority of current period.

When solver is offered to discover the finest weights in a weighted relocating average instance the presumptions that are indicated when the "Option" is clicked are:

assume negative (box without a inspect mark) assume straight model (box via a inspect mark).
assume non-negative (box through a check mark) and also not straight design (box without a inspect mark).

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assume non-negative (box via a examine mark) and direct design (box through a examine mark).
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