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1. Marketing efforts provide bookkeeping inflows to track, cash circulation to pay costs, and also taxes to be calculated, whereas the…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: Which statement best differentiates how marketing benefits accountancy versus finance? Multiple Choice Marketing initiatives provide accounting inflows to track, cash circulation to pay prices, and also taxes to be calculated, whereas these same efforts offer finance a reason to expand business or invest in funding expenditures. Marketing efforts provide finance Inflows to track, cash circulation to pay costs, and also taxes to be calculated, whereas these exact same initiatives provide bookkeeping a factor to expand business or Invest in resources expenditures. Marketing initiatives provide bookkeeping a means to track a safe job-related environment for employees, whereas it gives finance a method to money it. Marketing efforts give finance a way to track a safe job-related setting for employees, whereas it offers audit a way to money it Marketing initiatives give audit a way to create or facilitate a firm's products and also solutions, whereas they provide finance a method to run smoothly and properly. A essential aspect of strategic planning is the thoughtful defining of a firm's and also just how to accomplish them. Multiple Choice goals public relations sector segments tarobtain sectors prices Marketers create worth and improve the possibilities that consumers will purchase the firm's products as soon as they build commodities that enable consumers to fulfill their demands and wants. True or False True False Which of the adhering to exemplifies competitive intelligence? Multiple Choice the knowledge that a rival firm has actually plans of widening its product lines the knowledge that a supplier is going bankrupt the knowledge that a customer is not satisfied via a product the knowledge that a manufacturer has increased its manufacturing capacity the understanding that the government is going to market subsidies Which of the adhering to is true of demographic segmentation? Multiple Choice Unprefer revenue, gender is a seldom offered demographic segmentation tool. The value consumers area on a product have the right to differ significantly by area, hence area is an Important demographic segmentation tool. O The size of a market is an useful demographic segmentation tool. The VALS" frame is a crucial resource of demographic data. Period, being the most basic to determine, is just one of the the majority of typically used demographic variables. A meacertain of how optimistic consumers are around the all at once state of the economic situation and also their own individual finances is referred to as Multiple Choice consumer confidence. purchasing power sector confidence. purchasing confidence. customer expectations. Read through Us is a neighborhood bookkeep and café that just obtained a large box of donations filled through titles such as Orlanperform, Middlesex, Women's Day, and Men's Health. Which demographic variable should the bookkeep think about once it organizes these publications for its market? Multiple Choglacial epoch gender way of life education and learning occasion Secondary information originates from which 2 kinds of sources? Multiple Choice exploratory or descriptive quantitative or qualitative blased or unbiased Internal or outside survey or observation Which of the following statements specifies industry segmentation bases? Multiple Choice the procedure of dividing a bigger sector right into smaller teams characteristics such as age, gender, Income, education and learning, marital status, and family members size Similar teams of consumers that outcome from the segmentation procedure O features of consumers that affect their buying behavior nations, regions, says, and also areas through which marketers segment their market