Way to change the Constitution.

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Anti-Federalist arguments against adopting the Constitutionobjections to ratification process, importance of States' rights, concern for God
articleis one of the seven numbered sections of the Constitution
rule of lawthe government and its officers must obey it, which is another
separation of powersCreates three distinct branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial.
Anti-Federalistthose for whom the Constitution represented a too-powerful central government
ratificationPatrick Henry opposed the ratification of the Constitution
checks and balancesKeep one branch of government from dominating the actions of the others.
Bill of RightsThe first 10 amendments
executive agreementcarries the same force of law as a treaty
formal amendmentchanges to the written provisions of the Constitution may be made only through it.
unconstitutionala governmental action that denies someone fair and equal treatment under the law
following statements about the inauguration of George Washington as the first U.S. president is trueit followed his unanimous election in the Electoral College, it took place in New York City, the country's temporary capital, and it came after the ratification of the Constitution
The Federalist was written towin support for the Constitution in New York
With the words, "We the People," the Constitution establishes its authority on the basis ofPopular Sovereignty
Which statement about the Bill of Rights is trueThe amendments arose from the controversey over ratification of the Constitution, the amendments guaranteee such basic rights as freedom of expression and fair and equal treatment before the law, and the amendments are the first ten of the Constitution
Changes to the Constitution by means other than formal amendmentresult from the daily experiences of government
Which of the following best describes the concept of limited government?government must operate within certain bounds set by the government
Which of the following is a method of formal amendment?proposal by 2/3's of Congress and ratification by 3/4's of State legislatures
The basic constitutional rights of the people were FIRST set out in theBill of Rights
Which of the following is true of the use of executive agreementextends the President's power, carries the same legal force as a treaty, and can be used to avoid the lengthy treay-making process.
Judiciary Act of 1789 was an example ofcongressional change to the Constitution
President's power to veto an act of Congress is an example ofchecks and balances
Which of the following accounts for the ability of the Constitution to endure for more than 200 years?built-in provisions for accomodating change
The Bill of Rights guarantees all of the followingfair treatment before the law, freedom of expression, and freedom of belief
Which of the following is true of the ConstitutionIt sets guidelines within which the government must operate, it is open to interpretation, and it is the highest form of law in the U.S.
Each of the four methods of formal amendmentDemonstrates the principle of federalism
Which of the following statements about constitutional change is TRUESome have been proposed and ratified as formal amendments.

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The objections of the Anti-Federalists can be BEST summed up asa fear that the small states would not have a say in the new government
The Federalist can be called a “campaign document” because itwas written to convince voters to support the new Constitution
The government is held accountable for its actions under which of the following principles of government?Rule of law
The concept of separation of powers is a means to what endlimited government
Ratification by which of the following is considered to be most in keeping with the principle of popular sovereigntyconventions
Which branch of the Federal Government plays the largest role in the formal amendment process?the legislative branch
Once ratified, a constitutional amendment may only be changed byanother amendment
Which branch of government can declare an act of Congress to be unconstitutional?Judicial Branch
What powers do the President and Congress have over the appointment of Supreme Court justices?President = appoint Justices Congress= approve or reject Presidential appointments
Which branch of government can override a presidential veto?Legislative Branch
How may Congress check a presidential veto?overide the veto with a 2/3 vote
How can the judicial branch check executive actions?declare executive Actions Unconsitutional
Name the one way that the executive branch can check the power of the judicial branch.through its power to appoint federal judges
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