Which of the following ideal describes cnidarians? They are asymmetrical and have tissues and also stinging cells. They have actually radial body symmetry, tconcerns, and stinging cells. They have radial body symmetry and also tissues but lack stinging cells. They have radial body symmeattempt, lack tproblems, yet have stinging cells. Inquiry 2 Which arthropod subteam consists of the spiders? Crustaceans Arachnids Insects None of these Concern 3 Many pets fall into one of exactly how many type of phyla? 100 35 9 5 Concern 4 Which one of the adhering to is a specifying characteristic of pets yet not of plants? Prokaryotic Heterotrophic Autotrophic Eukaryotic Question 5 Worms all show up to be very closely associated however have actually unique evolutionary histories, leading to the classification of worms into ________ phyla. one two 3 four Concern 6 Which is the majority of very closely regarded the hagfish? Lamprey Tunicate Shark Lancelet Question 7 Which group of fishes developed first? Lobe-finned fishes Jawless fishes Ray-finned fishes Cartilaginous fishes Inquiry 8 Sponges are discovered ________. just in seawater mostly in fresh water just in fresh water greatly in seawater Inquiry 9 The echinoderms are most closely related to the ________. chordays mollusks arthropods flatworms Inquiry 10 Which phylum is the majority of carefully concerned the arthropods? Mollusks Annelids Echinoderms Roundworms Concern 11 To which group perform orangutans belong? Anthropoid chimpanzees Anthropoid apes Nonanthropoid chimpanzees Nonanthropoid apes Inquiry 12 Which team of fishes offered climb to the amphibians? Ray-finned fishes Jawless fishes Cartilaginous fishes Lobe-finned fishes Inquiry 13 Humans belengthy to which subgroup of mammals? Monotremes Eutherians Cetaceans Marsupials Question 14 All mammals ________. have mammary glands are nocturnal provide birth to live young are ectothermic Inquiry 15 Although exceptions do exist, which is a distinctively amphibian trait? Respiration occurs via the skin. Juveniles have actually gills, and also adults have actually lungs. Skin is smooth via no scales, feathers, or hair. All of these are distinctive amphibian traits. Inquiry 16 Gastropods are the most many team of mollusks and encompass the ________. squid and also octopi clams and also oysters scallops and also nautiluses snails and slugs Concern 17 Roundworms are more closely regarded arthropods than to flatworms. True False Concern 18 The radial symmetry of adult echinoderms can finest be described as ________. fivefold symmetrical biradial bilateral fourfold symmetrical Question 19 How do bony fish control buoyancy? Thstormy the calcium in the bones, which renders the skeleton lighter than the water With a huge, oil-filled liver By constantly swimming at an upwards angle With an air-filled swim bladder Concern 20 What is the primary distinction in between amphibians and reptiles? Neither are tied to water for reproduction. Tbelow is bit distinction between amphibians and reptiles. Amphibians are tied to water for remanufacturing, while reptiles have amniotic eggs that have the right to make it through on dry land. Reptiles are tied to water for reproduction, while amphibians have actually amniotic eggs that deserve to endure on dry land also. Question 21 Compared to mammals and also reptiles, what characteristic stays clear of amphibians from enduring much from water? Their eggs perform not have actually an amnion which prevents them from drying out. They execute not have any lungs and also cannot breathe out of the water. Their limbs are as well weak to assistance their weight on land also. Their cartilaginous endoskeleton would dry out on land also.

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Question 22 Many, though not all, mollusks have actually a shell. What secretes the shell? The mantle The radula The foot The visceral mass Inquiry 23 Which form of worm lacks a finish digestive tract? Flatworms Annelids Roundworms All of the over Question 24 What characterizes terrestrial tetrapods? Lives on land also, has actually 4 cranial nerves Lives in the water, has actually 4 limbs Lives on land, has four sets of chromosomes Lives on land, has four limbs Question 25 What are the vital qualities of arthropods? Segmented bodies, hard exoskeleton, and jointed appenderas Segmented bodies, no exoskeleton, and also jointed appendperiods Fsupplied bodies, difficult exoskeleton, and also jointed appendperiods Fused bodies, no exoskeleton, and jointed appendages