Which of the adhering to accounts is a budgetary account of a governmental fund?-Encumbrances Outstanding.-Appropriations.-Expenditures.-Other Financing Sources.

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Which of the adhering to accounts of a federal government is credited once a purchase order is approved?-Encumbrances.-Encumbrances Outstanding.-Vouchers Payable.-Appropriations.
The expenditure classification "Public Safety" is an example of which of the complying with forms of classifications?-Activity.-Function.-Character.-Object.
When gives ordered for use in an activity accounted for in the General Fund are obtained at an actual price that is even more than the approximated price on the purchase order, the Encumbrance account is:-Debited for the approximated price on the purchase order.-Credited for the estimated price on the purchase order.-Debited for the actual price for the gives got.-Credited for the actual price for the supplies received.
The account "Intermoney Transfers In" would be classified in a General Fund statement of revenues, expenditures, and also alters in fund balance as a(an):-Revenue.-Other financing use.-Other financing source.-Current liability.
When the budobtain of a federal government is embraced and also Estimated Revenues exceed Appropriations, the excess is:-Credited to Budgetary Fund Balance.-Debited to Budgetary Fund Balance.-Debited to Encumbrances Outstanding.-Credited to Encumbrances Outstanding.
When equipment that is to be supplied by the General Fund is got, just how need to it be recorded?-Capital Asset.-Appropriation.-Encumbrances.-Expenditure.
The journal entry to document budgeted revenues will include:-A debit to Estimated Revenues.-A crmodify to Estimated Revenues.-A debit to Revenues Receivable.-Only a memorandum enattempt is crucial.
The County Commission of Seminole County embraced its General Fund budget for the year finishing June 30, consisting of estimated revenues of $13,200,000 and also appropriations of $12,900,000. Seminole County utilizes the budgetary accounts required by GASB requirements. The journal entry to record budgeted appropriations will certainly include:-A credit to Appropriations, $12,900,000.-A crmodify to Encumbrances, $12,900,000.-A delittle to Estimated Expenditures, $12,900,000.-A crmodify to Budgetary Fund Balance, $12,900,000.

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Fund balance might be classified as every one of the following except:-Restricted.-Committed.-Uncommitted.-Assigned.

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