All three domains and viroffers have actually genetic product. They need to, otherwise they couldn"t redevelop, whether sex-related or asex-related. In virprovides, it deserve to be RNA or DNA; obviously in eukarya it tends to be DNA, remembering that human beings are eukaryotes; and in the other two domain names a comparable pattern is adhered to.

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Why not the other options?

They are written of cells

Viruses technically don"t have "cells," and also also to say cells plural can be a misnomer for some of the more simple creates of life that are unicellular.

They are living points.

All three domain names are alive (bacteria, archaea, eukarya) but virsupplies are technically not taken into consideration to be alive.

They have organelles.

Eukarya and prokarya technically both have organelles (think of prokaryotic ribosomes), however not all groups that you discussed have organelles. Remember that organelles ("little bit organs") are certain groups of cells performing a function, and also they typically have actually names.

Answer from: dylannhandy

All three domains and viroffers have actually hereditary material.

Hope this helps!

Answer from: maryalice2002

Ans. "Presence of hereditary material."

The virsupplies are known as connecting connect between living and also non-living points as they display characteristics of both. All virsupplies have actually their own hereditary product, either as DNA or RNA.

Three domains of life encompass bacteria, archea, and eukarya. All organisms of these three domains likewise have actually their genetic material in the develop of DNA.

Therefore, the characteristic that uses to virsupplies and also all 3 domain names is existence of genetic product.

Answer from: samiiegarciia

the attributes uses to all three domains and viroffers by the hereditary material.

Answer from: EggWithWheels
They have genetic material 

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