Tbelow are many kind of changes that ca rise the rate of chemical reaction yet the many substantial is

Adding a catalyst to the reaction mixture.

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The various other alters that ca boost the rate of chemical reactivity are;

Change in temperature (raising the temperature)Change of pressure (better pressure) pH of the solution (optimum pH)Change in concentration (Increasing the concentration of the reactants)


1.4 mol CO

General Formulas and Concepts:



Order of Operations: BPEMDAS

BracketsParenthesisExponentsMultiplicationDivisionAdditionSubtractionLeft to Right


Atomic Structure

Avogadro"s Number - 6.022 × 10²³ atoms, molecules, formula devices, etc.


Using Dimensional Analysis


Step 1: Define

8.5 × 10²³ molecules CO

Tip 2: Identify Conversions

Avogadro"s Number

Tip 3: Convert

Set up:

Tip 4: Check

Follow sig fig rules and also round. We are provided 2 sig figs.

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1.41149 mol CO ≈ 1.4 mol CO

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What are the 5 indications of chemical change?
frez <133>


Color readjust, development of a precipitate, development of a gas, odor adjust, temperature adjust.

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A sample of Ni(CO)4, a toxic transition-steel complicated, has 5.23 x 10^24 atoms of carbon. How many kind of atoms of Ni does it contain?
miss out on Akunina <59>
In Ni(CO)₄ the stoichiometry of Ni to C is 1:4for eexceptionally 4 atoms of C is attached to one Ni atom.this means that if tright here are 4 atoms of C - 1 atom of Niin 5.23 x 10²⁴ atoms of C -1/4 x 5.23 x 10²⁴ atoms of Ni = 1.3075 x 10²⁴ atoms of Nithe number of atoms rounded off to the second decimal place = 1.31 x 10²⁴ atoms correct jiyuushikan.org is E
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What tranports oxygen into the cells?​
Ivenika <448>
HemoglobinThe protein inside (a) red blood cells that carries oxygen to cells and carbon dioxide to the lungs is (b) hemoglobin
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