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They talk about "The Front Lines" often, like it's a death sentence, but they never say who they're at war with.

From that other "Witch History" post it seems to paint a picture of an American that's even more perpetually at war with everyone else. No isolationist phase where we're only sending little expeditions constantly to foreign soil before getting into World Wars, instead we've already got 2 Mexican Wars by 1813 (!?) and someone involved in a Franco-Prussian war in 1853, and so on.

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America seems to be allied with a handful of other nations, that's who we always see Alder meeting with, the generals of those other countries (who are also Witch-Generals, but not necessarily like her)

Who is American fighting? Does the show ever say? Is it all the countries that don't have Witch-armies and/or persecute/ban witchcraft?

(The Prussians troops in the 1853 painting seem to be trying to use muskets and/or breech-loading rifles against the witches, which I imagine didn't work out well for them.)

That seemed like the logical implication to me but I didn't want to assume.