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Tbelow is no humor in heaven. - Captain Stormfield"s Visit to Heaven

Let us swear while we might, for in Heaven it will certainly not be allowed. - Notebook, 1898 I have actually never watched what to me seemed an atom of truth that tbelow is a future life...and yet--I am strongly inclined to expect one. - Mark Twain, a Biography ...heaven for climate, and hell for society. - Mark Twain"s Speechs, 1910 edition, p. 117.

Dying guy couldn"t make up his mind which location to go to -- both have their advantages, "heaven for climate, hell for company!" - Mark Twain"s Notepublications and also Journals, vol. 3

Travel has no longer any charm for me. I have seen all the international nations I want to other than heaven & hell & I have only a vague curiosity about among those. - Letter to William Dean Howells, May 20, 1891

When I reflect upon the variety of disagreeable human being who I know have gone to better people, I am moved to lead a various life. - Pudd"nhead Wilson"s Calendar

We may not doubt that culture in heaven consists greatly of unpreferable persons. - Mark Twain"s Notebook

Bermuda: I said it was choose being in Heaven. The Reverend rebukingly and quite pointedly advised me to make the a lot of of it then. - "Rambling Notes on an Idle Excursion"

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Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would certainly stay out and also your dog would certainly go in. - Mark Twain, a Biography Singing hymns and waving palm branches via all eternity is pretty once you hear around it in the pulpit, yet it"s as bad a means to put in practical time as a body could contrive. - Captain Stormfield"s Visit to Heaven It is easy to check out that the inventor of the heaven did not originate the concept, however replicated it from the show-ceremonies of some sorry little bit sovereign State up in the earlier negotiations of the Orient somewright here. - Letters from the Earth The inventor of their heaven empties into it all the countries of the earth, in one prevalent jumble. All are on an ehigh quality absolute, no among them ranking another; they have to be "brothers"; they have to mix together, pray together, harp together, hosannah together--whites, niggers, Jews, everybody--there"s no distinction. Here in the earth all countries hate each other, and also eextremely one of them hates the Jew. Yet every pious perchild adores that heaven and desires to gain into it. He really does. And as soon as he is in a holy rapture he thinks he thinks that if he were just tright here he would take all the populace to his heart, and also hug, and hug, and hug! - Letters from the Earth It would certainly be a wonderful endure to stand also there in those enchanted surroundings and also hear Shakespeare and also Milton and also Bunyan review from their noble works. And it might be that they would certainly favor to hear me check out some of my things. No, it could never before be; they would not treatment for me. They would certainly not know me, they would certainly not understand me, and also they would say they had an engagement. But if I could just be there, and walk around and also look, and also listen, I should be satisfied and not make a noise.

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My life is fading to its cshed, and also one day I shall recognize. - unpubliburned book review of The Cities of the Sun by George Warder (1901)
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