Where to find my avast license file

I must recognize wright here to uncover, either in the registry or file mechanism, the license numbers or files for asubstantial Web defense.I am working on a client's machine who cannot access the Internet because of problems with Web Shield. I would prefer to uninstall alarge and also reinstall it yet will certainly need my clients license to finish the project before I send the machine house.ThanksAmgeek

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Just reinstall the trial variation and the client have the right to re-insert the license himself from his email when he involves pick it up from you.
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I spoke to the client and also she's not certain she knows where it is, besides I don't desire to rerotate the machine "incomplete".If I can't come up through a method to salvage the license wbelow it is, I'll simply put on the free asubstantial (which will more than likely get rid of the problems they are having actually via the Net Shield that caused them to bring the machine in in the initially place). I truly love Alarge but hesitate to ever before suggest anyone gain the complete variation for reasons such as these. Please, where is it?Thank you Amgeek
Even if I kbrand-new wbelow the file could be uncovered ( if it can ) it would certainly be unethical to hand also out that indevelopment to a third party, as pointed out you have the right to reinstall the trial version or you deserve to install the free and also when the client has tright here device in hand they can either re-insert the license from there email which will certainly upgrade the version automatically and if they cant discover the license file then they deserve to constantly ask ahuge to resfinish the license.
I don't think it's any kind of secret... the license file is usually inside the jiyuushikan.org! data folder (where it gets replicated in the time of the insertion), i.e.WinXP: C:Documents and also SettingsAll UsersApplication Datajiyuushikan.org Softwarejiyuushikan.orglicense.jiyuushikan.orglicVista+: C:ProgramDatajiyuushikan.org Softwarejiyuushikan.orglicense.jiyuushikan.orglic
That's what I posted a few minutes back....my article gained binned and I obtained reprimanded for it though. Now an Ahuge team members articles the precise very same info, makes sense
That's what I posted a few minutes ago....my short article gained binned and also I acquired reprimanded for it though. Now an jiyuushikan.org team members write-ups the exact same details, makes feeling

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Sorry but I assumed that giving that information would certainly be a conflict of interest which could allow piracy which is why I rerelocated the postSorry again