It might be a little bit of a lengthy journey to obtaining High-End weapon blueprints and also rewards in The Division 2, however it"s well worth the initiative. In this Division 2 High-End blueprints guide, we"ll be walking you via where to uncover High-End blueprints in The Division 2, so you deserve to acquire on through obtaining some of the ideal tools in the entire game.

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But if you rather require any kind of additional information on Ubisoft"s digital shooter sequel, you deserve to check out our full Division 2 tips web page. It"s right here that you have the right to find all the vital tips and information that all Division Agents need to know.

How to Increase Your World Tier Rank in The Division 2

You could think that when you"ve hit the level cap of 30 in The Division 2, that you"ve attained the greatest level in the game. You"d be wrong in assuming this but, as tright here are a number of extra type of levels you can achieve once you"ve maxed out your character"s in its entirety level with obtaining XP.

Firstly, you need to complete the three Strongholds in The Division 2. These are exceptionally hard, and also really are meant for the very finest players in the game to team up and also attack them together. The 3 Strongholds are Capitol Building, Roosevelt Island also, and District Union Arena, all of which you have the right to watch at any type of point in the game, on your map display screen.

A Strongorganize map marker. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ubisoft

Once you"ve completed all 3 Strongholds, you"ll have actually attained "World Tier 1" rank. This is a level rank that"s completely exclusive to the game endgame percent of The Division 2. You now should get to World Tier 3 rank, and also in order to perform this, you first have to head ago to your home base in the White House.

When you"re back at the White Housage, speak to your Quarterunderstand, and inspect out all the new "Specialization" choices available to you. Once you"ve done this, tright here are too much versions of miscellaneous missions that you"ve previously completed in your time with The Division 2. In the new variety of goals with the elite Babsence Tusk enemies, you must finish the adhering to missions:

Invaded variation of the Grand Washington Hotel mission.Invaded version of the Jefferchild Trade Center mission.Complete the matching Stronghold mission to breakthrough World Tiers.

When you"ve lastly attained World Tier rank 4, you"re all set to gain tracking dvery own some High-End weapon blueprints in The Division 2.

How to Get High-End Weapon Blueprints in The Division 2

So, now that you"ve finally reached World Tier 4, what"s next? The initially thing that you must carry out is carry up the human being map display in The Division 2, and also find a Control Point that"s presently in adversary hands. It does not matter wright here the Control Point is, simply as long as it"s controlled by adversary forces.

A Control Point on the map. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ubisoft

Now, recognize the activities in the bordering location, which are linked to this opponent Control Point. When you"re hovering near the adversary Control Point on the map screen, you"ll watch a red line connecting the Control Point to three adjacent tasks. These could encompass a public execution, or a hijacked radio broadcast, for instance.

Eexceptionally time you take on and also effectively finish a people task that"s attached to a particular Control Point, the level of that Control Point will certainly rise by one. All Control Points begin on level one, and so you have to finish two human being activities, to raise the all at once level of the Control Point to level 3.

If you have the right to control to raise the level of this Control Point to level 3, and also then efficiently finish sassist Control Point, you"re going to guarantee yourself a High-End weapon blueprint. Keep in mind that you will certainly earn various other, much less effective rewards if you finish a Control Point on level one or two, yet if it"s High-End blueprints you"re after, then you need to finish the Control Point on level three.

Loot the biggest chest in the Control Point Supply Room. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ubisoft

To take benefit of blueprints in The Division 2, you need to head back to your base of operations in the White House. When you"re here, look for out and use the Crafting Station, and enter the "Weapons" food selection choice on the display. You"ll now be able to survey and also craft every one of the High-End blueprints that you"ve acquired through the strategy that we"ve defined in this overview.

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