There"s one more treacertain map to follow in Fortnite Battle Royale, and that suggests one more chance to simply badepend collect a couple of visual hints prior to being shotgunned into oblivion. The weekly quest after a gold, glowing crest has end up being among my favorite components of this game for simply how different it feels than the remainder of the suffer, and this week"s map is really not so difficult to follow. If you"re having trouble, but, this is exactly how you find the Anarchy Acres treacertain map and the treasure it leads to. Spoilers below.

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The initially thing you"ve acquired to execute is go to Anarchy Acres, smack in the middle of the northern component of the map -- you might remember it from a difficulty in the initially week that asked you to get rid of three other players tbelow. The map that you"re searching for is in a shack to the east of the main home -- the shack is long via a tiny little of a slanted roof, and the map is inside. Anarchy Acres is always a well-known drop zone, and also so you"re liable to gain killed searching for it. If you"d fairly, you can simply look below:

So the orienting points we have are a llama, a lookout tower and something that looks an awful lot choose Junk Junction and also is, in truth, Junk Junction. That"s wright here we"re heading, and you deserve to see it labeled on the map listed below.

This one is pretty straightforward, and a lot much easier than last week"s trudge with the swamp"s of Moisty Mire. We"re trying to find a jutting rock simply west of Junk Junction -- it sticks out pretty prominently and should be tough to miss. Here"s what it looks like:

Notice all the civilization bludgeoningeach various other to fatality with pickaxes: they"re standing ideal on peak of the treacertain. When you drop down, there isn"t much in the immediate vicinity besides the treasure itself, and so anyone dropping down on this certain rock is trying to find the treacertain. You could acquire lucky and find some fairly friendly players before collecting your winnings. If you"re favor me, you"ll simply be able to grab the crest before being carried to your knees by a pickaxe.

As an aside, this is the initially time I"ve completed the difficulty on mobile, bereason I"m out of town -- there"s something virtually spooky around that. Playing games on your phone is one thing -- even superior ones choose these. But the seammuch less cross-progression that indicates that I"m not just playing the same game yet the exact same account, and that identical endure is a huge part of what renders it feel so magical.

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