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What Insiders are Saying about RadioShack

RadioShack in Duluth, GA

By Sandra k.

this place is in a good location yet it is a really small save that sells mostly electronics prefer for cell phones acessories for cell phones prefer ear phones situations for your cell phones belt clips for cell phones and many other stuff they likewise have actually battery operated huge toys like boats cars and some other stuff as soon as I go in they are constantly useful and also freindly however the prices are a tiny high for me bit they are aexcellent storePROS: excellent locationCONS: prices to high

RadioShack in Las Vegas, NV

By Margo E.

I needed a replacement exterior modem for my computer system. This store did not have actually one, nor the other 3 cshed to my house. The employee at least recommended an additional company to discover my required item.

RadioShack in Burbank, CA

By Meghan R.

Bought a defective appliance and they were quick to help me via the remoney. Thank you so much for being such an excellent seller.

RadioShack in El Cajon, CA

By Denise S.

GREAT customer service, wonderful products, and a friendly setting all add to a terrific shopping suffer. I would certainly recomment Radioshack to anyone who demands the latest and greatest digital gizmo, bereason more than likely, Radioshack has it! The employees are all on their toes, and also truly desire to serve you, the customer. Shop there today, I can guarantee you wont be disappointed!

RadioShack in Sunnyvale, CA

By mohana k.

We have actually ordered desktop speaker in on line and also received the product in on time. Tbelow was no shipping charge because we have actually ordered to deliver at Radioshack office. The perboy at radioshack office was extremely sort. The speaker is working great for last 4 months and also the price is very low compare to various other keep.

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