Right after showing up on the initially SeviiIsland, likewise known as Knot Island also, Bill will certainly take you to the Pokemon Center and lead you to a substantial machine with his frifinish, Celio, standing nextto it. Bill tells you that the machine is broken, and he needs you to uncover the parts to fix the machine. Hegives you a Meteorite from Mt. Moon, a Tri-Pass for ferries to gain the One, Two, and Three Island also, and a brand-new addition to your Town Map that contains a map of the Sevii Islands.

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Kindle Road

Heal your Pokemon and also obtain out of the Pokemon Center. Surf in the northeastern direction. You"ll reach land almostimmediately. In this location, recognized as Kindle Road, you"ll be battling trainers and catching Pokemon. Tright here are Itemballs behind breakablerocks, which have the right to be damaged using Rock Smash. Head north and also enter the Ember Spa. Inside is a warm spring wright here you can heal your Pokemon by dipping yourself in the water. Talk to the old man next to the waterloss to get HM06 - Rock Smash.

Locations (One Island)

Capturing Moltres

Head north from the cave through the hotspring, and also you"ll reach a beach. Surf north, and you"ll reach Mt. Ember. Here, you"ll have the ability to capture Moltres.

After going inside the hill, head left and also push the boulders ameans utilizing Strength. Follow the route and smashthe rocks. Next, you"ll watch 3 sets of stairs. Take the the left or facility stairs and go left. Fightthe trainer, and also go right into the entrance ideal up ahead.

There"s only one method to go in here, so it"s pretty easy to navigate. Once you acquire out, take the stairs up. Go to the left side for a surprise Fire Stone in a boulder below the stairs. Another Fire Stone deserve to be found by solving the simple boulder puzzle on the ideal side. After gaining both Fire Stones, head up the stairs aacquire.Now you"ll challenge an additional puzzle, this one a little bit more challenging than the last one, yet still isn"t hard at all. After gaining with the puzzle, a lv. 50 Moltres awaits you.

Locations (Mt. Ember)

Fly ago to the island"s Pokemon Center from Mt. Ember, and also go south. You"ll reach the dock wright here you first came down on the island. Take the Ferry to Two Island also.

Two Island

Two Island also, or Boon Island, is ssuggest a small village. Once you gain onto the island also, go east right into a nice looking tan colored housewith a blue roof, the Game Corner. This Video Game Corner isn"t prefer the Video Game Corner in Celadon City via slot machines; this place let"s youplay mini games referred to as Pokemon Jump and Dodrio Berry-Picking with a friend. A little girl"s father will ask you to save his daughter, Lostelle. This rescuing is all done on Three Island.For the guide on Three Island, click "Next" listed below.

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For now, you deserve to go all the means north to the Move Tutor"s house, located in a tiny area referred to as Cape Brink. This Move Tutor teaches your starter Pokemon moves for complimentary. She teaches among three moves,depending on your starter Pokemon: Frenzy Plant (Grass), Blast Burn (Fire), or Hydro Cannon (Water). These movesall perform 150 damages, which is a lot. Be sure to have actually your starter in the initially slot before talking to the Move Tutor.