Hello all...in this installment of my fan created Ray Stevens blog I"m going to embed a 1987 performance from Ray Stevens of "It"s Me Aobtain, Margaret". This novelty song was created by the late Paul Craft and also had actually actually been videotaped and released as a single by him in the mid "70s. The legendary songwriter wasn"t famed external of the songcomposing community and therefore his very own recordings aren"t extensively recognized as an outcome. Ray had previously taped a Paul Craft song, "Honky Tonk Waltz", and also that single came to be a Top-30 country hit for Ray in 1976. Ray"s recording of "It"s Me Aacquire, Margaret" emerged from his 1984 comedy album, He Thinks He"s Ray Stevens. It was the third single release from the 1984 album. "I"m Kissin" You Goodbye" was the initially single release...however during the promotional phase word got roughly that "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" was gaining the majority of unsolicited airplay (a phrase referring to disc joctricks playing a song on their very own based upon listener requests) and so that single received a lot of publicity and promotion...ultimately becoming a Top-20 nation hit beforehand in 1985. The affect of the single"s success bolstered sales of the album and it ultimately hit the Top-10 on the Country Album chart in 1985 and also was ultimately certified Gold and also then Platinum. "It"s Me Again, Margaret" wasn"t a big radio hit but it rode the wave of success that "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" and He Thinks He"s Ray Stevens had actually collection in motion.

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Take a look at that comical photo of Ray over on the left side of the screen. You recognize from looking at the photo that he"s perdeveloping "It"s Me Again, Margaret". When it was announced last year that Ray was one of the newest members chosen to the Country Music Hall of Fame I seriously wondered if the CMA would certainly use that photo of Ray on the Hall of Fame plaque or usage a photo comparable. Ray"s reputation for comedy and also novelty songs thrust his recording of "It"s Me Aget, Margaret" into cult condition...a song that world know about in spite of it not being a nationally recognized radio hit. It"s among those songs that hit in your area...a geographical hit...definition that it can be a big hit in a radio sector in southwest Missouri yet world in northwest Missouri might not also understand the song exists. "It"s Me Aget, Margaret" was placed on 1987"s Greatest Hits album as was "Mississippi Squirrel Revival". Those two songs are often paired up on compilation albums...you normally don"t view one without the various other. Curb Records knew exactly how very popular "It"s Me Aobtain, Margaret" truly was with Ray Stevens fans that as soon as they issued a 1990 compilation on Ray titled His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits they used a photo of Ray in a phone booth as Willard McBain calling up Margaret on a pay phone. Music videos were created "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" and "It"s Me Aobtain, Margaret" in 1992...and also "It"s Me Aget, Margaret" became an huge hit for Ray almost everywhere aget. The music video being so influential in those tv commercials and also the reality that it had actually been a famous song for Ray because it debuted permitted the song to eventually become a beloved performance in Ray"s concerts. Leave it to fabulous Ray Stevens to make a novelty song about an obscene phone caller a beloved classical...but that"s specifically what he did. Whenever before he appeared in concert and also on tv mirrors favor Nashville Now tbelow was usually a reference to "It"s Me Again, Margaret" or Ralph Emery would ask Ray to perdevelop the song if there was any kind of extra time left.
In this 1987 episode you"ll view that Ray was asked/requested to perform the song and once he finishes he walks back to the collection...wbelow other guests were seated...which indicates that Ray had currently percreated several songs and also had been interperceived by Ralph currently. Ralph"s show at that time was still 90 minutes...and also each guest would certainly sing their first song, then go over and also have actually their interview/conversation with Ralph, and also then in the time of the second part of the episode the guests would certainly sing their second song of the episode. Whatever before guest walso establimelted or was taken into consideration a legfinish in the music organization generally acquired to sing three songs. I think "It"s Me Again, Margaret" was the 3rd song Ray perdeveloped on this episode. I believe this episode is the exact same one wbelow Ray sang "Would Jesus Wear a Rolex?" and also "Gourmet Restaurant". Those two Nashville Now performances are on YouTube. The video listed below was uploaded a tiny more than 4 hrs ago and also it"s already derived close to 1,500 unique views currently. The video is a lot even more clearer than the thumbnail photo may suggest.
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