This appears to be one of the less well-researched phrases in our language, though it seems to be agreed by etymologists that it is a reasonably old expression. Most etymologists agree that it dates earlier to the 1700s (1705 being the most-regularly quoted date), and also one referral on the internet clintends that the Cambridge Thesaurus of Amerihave the right to Idioms dates it also further ago to the 1500s.

Timing beginning aside, why execute we compare ourselves to dogs of all creatures once we’re sick?

Theory 1: In the UK, we describe vomiting as “being sick”, and some etymologists believe this is the original interpretation and beginning of the “sick as a dog” phrase.

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Dogs are notorious for being merrily unselective in what they pick to munch, and also are equally infamous for the consequences of their feeding-fests. Nopoint like cleaning up puddles of dog vomit after your pup found an unlocked snack drawer, or made a decision to eat that painted pasta-necklace your little bit sister made you last summer.

Theory 2:Dogs have actually been associated via several negative connotations in regards to speech. “As sick as a dog” is just one of many dog-associated recommendations which attach dogs with unfortunate situations. Other phrases of this type include: “dog-tired”, “dog’s breakfast” and also saying that points have “gone to the dogs”. The question is: Why are dogs linked via all these negative things? The answer seems to be unclear, although it may be linked to the fact that dogs are among the best-observed creatures given that they are such prevalent pets. For this factor their miscellaneous negative behavior are much more likely to be documented in language than various other pets, and also we are much more most likely to link their behaviour and also feelings to describe just how we’re feeling.

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